Diablo #BackBlast for #TheAgony at #TheCounty 7/12/18

Q: Diablo

PAX: (21) Nino, Boozer, Uncle Rico, Steerage, Mama’s Boy, Alexa (FNG), Big Bird, Retainer, Starchild, Zartan, PewPew, Cochran, Captain Insane-O, Valdez, Launch Pad, Wallflower, Huggies, Catfish, Viking, Methane, Diablo

I was pumped up to Q at The County this morning. Excited like Agent Pappas directing Johnny Utah to get him 2 meatball sandwiches during a stakeout. But, I wasn’t so disciplined when it came to preparing for the Q. I’d never been to The County. So, plan was to watch England / Croatia with my man Zartan and whoever else wanted to join us, and then drive out to The County to map out a plan with some diligence. Well, the good company and the exciting game caused the Alpha King pints to go down faster and easier than Warchild when Brody decided to drop him. (Who got f’d up, Warchild?) Yeah, I’ve seen Point Break 47 times – what of it?

So, arrived a little early this morning to scope things out. And man – what a space. Pull up bars! A grassy hill! Coupons! Just so much room for activities!

And, like they’ve been doing out there, the HIMs rolled in by the plenty.

Here’s what we did:


Mountain climbers (20 IC)

Chain breakers (20)

Groiners (10 IC)

LBCs (25 IC)

SSHs (20 IC)

Thang 1

Louisville Honeypots

PAX grabbed coupons and headed to the hill. PAX partnered up. Partner 1 bear crawled with the coupon up the hill, while Partner 2 did 15 squats. When finished with squats, Partner 2 ran up hill to take over the Louisville Honeypot while Partner 1 returned to starting line for squats. This continues until all coupons were at top of the hill.

Thang 2

Pull Ups!

PAX left the coupons in place and ran to the playground. With same partner, Partner 1 did 20 Imperial Walkers, while Partner 2 did pull ups AMRAP. Partners then switched. PAX did 2 rounds of this. (Love having the real pull up option out there!)

Thang 3

PAX ran back to the coupons and carried them back down he hill. All PAX then did a lung walk up the hill, holding a coupon. PAX then walked the coupons over to the parking lot for the fun stuff, which was:


I really enjoy ending workouts every now and then with a complete full body beatdown. It was a perfect morning for it. Here’s how we finished:

10 boyos

25 big boy sit ups

5 boyos

LBCs (30 IC)

5 boyos

Coupon sumo squats

Copperhead squats

5 boyos

American Hammers with coupons (10 IC)

American Hammers no coupons (15 IC)

5 boyos

T merkins (10)

Plank (30 seconds)

5 Merkins

Plank (30 seconds)

5 boyos

25 big boy sit ups

And done.


PAX circled up, welcomed FNG Alexa, gave thanks, prayed for Boozers mom, and I then said some other things.

The HIMs at The County are crushing it. I was glad to be a part of it.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to lead, and for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.

– Diablo

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