Pre-Blast Geppetto 1nd Postiversary #Ruiner #F3

F3 before after

A little over a year ago, a few friends of mine named Dan, Kevin, and Trevor were hyping up this little workout group they were a part of.  It sounded interesting and Lord knows I needed to do something.  I had more chins than a Chinese phonebook, and a gut that would have made Buddha proud .  I showed up that first Saturday 7/15/17 at the O, and proceeded to get a beatdown like no other.  Some dude named @Face put my fat ass through the gauntlet all while my “friends” assumed their alter-egos of @OldBay, @Zartan, and @Quimby.  Thank you to all for that invitation and for all of the beatdowns I’ve endured from the hands of many of you over the past year.  Come out tomorrow to where it all began for Geppetto and let me repay you for that kindness!

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