7/12 Temple of Gloom Backblast #CIweinke #CourseIsStressed #KiloQ


YHC originally wrote a weinke because a certain PAX member (Cough CI Cough) asked me to construct my Q at TOG to accomidate their aging shoulder and back.  However after YHC spent hours researching exercises that would not strain ones shoulders or back (there aren’t many) YHC shows up to the Gloom and there’s no CI. He decided to drive half way across the city to post with Diablo at The County.  No hard feelings.  All love.  Needless to say i scratched my “Wimpy” in favor of a proper TOG beatdown “weinke” I knew the PAX could handle.


Conditions; Perfect light breeze gloomy 70.

Gearlander; Blue LuLu shorts, black F3Louisville mud gear loose shirt, Injinji socks, rebook tough mudder shoes.







scooba steve


Chicken Fried


Glenn ROss

Pork CHop





Disclaimer given, flag is planted, and we were off to hole 7 of the golf course.  About 3/4 mile from the flag.

Circle up for COP

15 Abe Vigodas

15 Grass Grabbers

25 SSH



Sprint up hill to top of hill about 150 yds all up hill

circle up at top of hill

25 Rock stars IC

10 Rock Star merkins IC

we did a couple more things that i cant remember……


lunge walk all the way to the bottom


50 copper head squats

25 backwards lunges

25 tear drops each leg


Then the Seneca golf course superintendent informed us that his course was under to much stress, and we were not able to continue working out on his course.  PAX understood but remarked that we were also under significant stresss and felt one with the course.  AYE.


We moved over to the out of bounds section of hole 7 where he permitted us to continue our WO.  We ran a small agility course around some tress and then Wham! Had to leave to head back to the flags in order to make an early morning meeting.

This is crazy right.  Where 99% of pax are not posting on a morning when they have an early morning commitment, Wham! Is the 1% that makes the commitment and sticks to it.  I love it.

So, YHC decided Wham! Didn’t need to run the 3/4 mile back to the flag alone.  The entire PAX needed to run with him.  We did.


Upon return to the flag and a gassed FloJo who attempted to challenge Scuba Steve in a race (1/2 his age) We ventured to grab coupons and do a little failure work to burn us out for the last 9 minutes or so.


3 exercises to failure

Coupon squat press

coupon curls

coupon swings

When finished with one round through of failure, pax instructed to start right back where they started until YHC called time.



Circled up announcements made and Sky q thanked.  Get out, make a stranger smile!


Love you,






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