It’s here long fartsacked 7/6 #TheChopper backblast


Mini coops were plucked from the back yard of Geppetto and donated to #TheTank and #TheChopper.  A huge addition, and a huge thank you to the gentle giant Geppetto.

Conditions; Forgot what weather was like but it was probably 70 and humid

Gearlander; Worm asked me why I continue to wear my daughters shorts to post.  My response “because i can, and that’s cool”  needless to say i don’t remember what i wore a week ago, but i can guess that it was a tank and short shorts with a neon headband.  Typical









Hot Wheels





Ive been headlocking Worm for sometime and he is finally on board with F3Louisville.  A great HIM that everyone needs to get to know.  It was his birfday so YHC decided to start with a little song.

Rhiana Birthday cake.  She says cake ALOT!

Throughout the song Pax instructed to squat when the CAKE cadence starts its a pulse squat.  this was fun and funny.  Geppetto loved it and had visions in his head of KiloQs of the past.  AYE!



grab coops

25 SSH

25 overhead claps

25 front claps

25 SSH


mosey to back side of field at hill.

sprint up hill 25 curls and back down

10 min AMRAP


Move to concrete bleachers

box jump with coops to top bleacher

25 shoulder press

repeato 10 min AMRAP


Mosey to parking lot.

line up and lunge 25 yards with coops

10 merkins

lunge back

10 merkins

AMRAP until time is up.


Story here is we now have Mini Coops at the Tank and the Chopper.  They are about 10 lbs each and add a great deal of value to the AO.  Any exercise where you would normally use a dumbbell you can substitute mini cooops and voila.  Thank You Geppetto!


Thank you to Veterans and active military for protecting our flag and defending the freedom we enjoy in America.


I love this group


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