BB: 07/12/18, The Big Kapowski. AB O RAMA

Sorry for delay.. I knows alls waz anxiously awaiting to hear what I had in story yesterday am in the gloom.

Q: Glauc   PAX: Gilly, Gpa Bear, Charlois, Fanny Pack, Sparky (FNG), Shuttlecock

read on por favor..

Mosey to COP:   30 SSH, Plank Stretching, 30 SSH, Plank Stretching,

Ace / Garys:  1 minute intervals:  P1 Big Boy situps   P2  hold plank (while holding ankles)

mosey around entrire school , back to COP area.

thang 1:

circuit:  There is a large circle sidewalk that has 3 little “inlets”  that make a great spot for many f3 activities.    Start 5 Box jumps, run to next inlet, 10 Merkins,  run to next inlet, 5 mexican jumping bean squats, run to next inlet, 10 merkins,  run to beginning… rinse repeat the whole 2 songs (had some technical difficulty and ended up setting timer)  We did this for about 8 minutes

Thang 2:     1 : 4 ratio    Big Boy situps :  Moutain climbers (counted 1 left leg in, 2 right leg in, 3 left leg to left arm, 4 right leg to right arm)  1:4  to 10 : 40

Thang 3:  Merkin waterfall  8 merkins (count from 8 down in high plank) 7 merkins (count 7 down in high plank)  until 1

Thang 4:  Ab O RAMA:  All 20 count (single)  20 LBC (legs on ground )  20 LBC, 20 LBC (right leg out)  , 20 LBC (left leg out) , 20 LBC (in big marge position), 20 LBC (Full, legs drop then come up, 20 LBC (Legs to the right , working obliques) , 20 LBC (legs to to left)  , 20 Freddy mercury

Mosey Back to flag for COT

Prayers and intentions to all those physically and mentally sick/ill ( specifically, pope, vince, BB’s 2.0)

Thank you gents for making me a better husband and father.

Glauc OUT!

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