BackBlast NC BlackOps 7/13/18 Abacus Q

July 13th marked my second trip to NC for F3 and my 3rd trip ever…normal a joint that nice releases the hounds when I get near. Cloaked in the darkness of the gloom, my entrance was stealth and I avoided detection by the locals. Grinder arrived first and was readying the flag for what would soon prove to be a time consumer grinder of a beatdown.

As the clock struck 0530 YHC provided the disclaimer and recommended the FNG (and anyone else) modify as necessary. Off we moseyed toward the school playground for the DRP.

Circled up for some COP

SSH – 41 I/C YCH felt like going past 25 and decided somewhere in the mid-30’s that 41 had a nice ring.

We did some other things like Kendra Newmans, Squats, Merkins, and maybe other stuff…I forget. Being on the lookout for hounds caused me to lose track of what we were doing in the COP.



Keeping the PAX together we began at home base corner with BLIMPS

5 -Burpees

10 – Leg Raises (I know it’s really lunges but I didn’t want to lunge and I was Q)

15 – Imperial Walkers

20 – Merkins

25 – Squats

Run to next corner and increase reps by 5 to 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 rinse and repeato until back at start. Somewhere around the 3rd corner Mama’s Boy decided to join us…glad he decided to jump in.

After the 4 corners PAX moseyed to the amphitheater for step ups / dip (jack webb style) 1 step up / 4 dips up to 10 / 40. Loads of fun. The PAX was begging to go for 11/44, but the clock on my arm read 0615, which meant YHC was on borrowed time. As day was breaking and the fine folks of NC began to awake from their drunken slumbers, I was sure my cover would be blown and it was time to scram!

Circled for count off, name o rama, announcements, and intentions. A quick thanks to the sky Q and we were off and I was back on the safe side of the line. Until next time, NC it was fun!


Pallet Jack (FNG)
Forced Close
Abacus (Q)

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