Backblast 7/21 Southern Indiana Black Ops- Grinder Q

As other Qs have mentioned, it was a beautiful morning despite the previous night’s storms. I arrived to the site early to plant the flag and shortly after Snowman pulled in. He helped me unload the new coupons from the car and we finished up just as Gru was parking. The three of us waited by the flag for other PAX to arrive and were pumped to see Deuce running across the bridge to join us a few minutes before 7.

PAX: Deuce, Gru, Snowman, Grinder (Q)

COP: all exercises in cadence- SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Grass Grabbers, and Michael Phelps

Thang 1: Lined up in front of row of 9 raised pedestals. Starting at pedestal 1, each PAX would box jump onto pedestal, do five prisoner jump squats, jump down and do one burpee before moseying to next pedestal. Each PAX repeated this movement for all 9 pedestals.

Thang 2: Each PAX grabbed 2 coupons and we did a farmer carry to the base of the Big Four stairs. We left the coupons at the bottom of the stairs and each PAX did 10 decline Merlin’s at the base of the stair landing, then lunge-walked up to the next landing. Rinse and repeat decline merkins and lunge walked up all 7 landings. Once at the top of the stairs, we moseyed down the bridge ramp and across the park back to the base of the stairs. We repeated this, the second time switching to incline merkins.

Thang 3: Farmer carry both coupons back to starting point and left one there. Each PAX then carried a single coupon to the adjoining field and we paired up for sets of 100 curls, 100 skull crushers, 100 squats, and 100 overhead presses (all with coupon). While partner one knocked out the reps, partner two would run to the other end of the field for ten single-count SSHs, then switch. With a little time to spare after this one, we all got on our six and did 40 coupon presses as well.

To finish, we moseyed to the Posh playground for some Mary then returned coupons. While returning coupons, we stopped to HL a couple guys for the next workout then circled up for COT. We talked about all the Fs and the changes that have taken place in YHC’s life thanks to this group. It’s really something else. Until next time, Grinder out.