Methane v. Nugget – Pre-Blast for ToG – 07/26

🎼🎼Nugget went to the Temple, he was looking for a Q to steal. He was in a bind, cause he was way behind on the CSBNRP deal.

When he came across young Methane who was planking out at the Posh, and Nugget box jumped on TheBridge and said “Boy let me tell you what”.

“I guess you already know it, but I’m an OG, F3, HIM,

And if you’d care to Q a dare, I’ll meet you in the Gloom.

Now you Q a pretty good OA,

Boy, but give the Nugget his due

I bet a Coupon of gold against your soul

‘Cause Q’ing is what I do”

The boy said, “My name’s Methane and I’m a humble HIM,

But I’ll Q your bet, you’re gonna regret,

‘Let’s Tabata in the Gloom! “🎼🎼

We all know how the song ends, so come out to The Temple of Gloom Thursday at The O and WO with the greatest Qs on earth!

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