BB 07/25 : The Bridge: Minutes and minutes of planking


Once Glen Ross got me in touch with the 7 minute plank challenge, I have made it a goal to get better at elbow planks.  I am not going to lie, I have been working on it… and man has it made a difference.  Not quite triming out the ole core, but a big difference in the quantity and quality of my Merkins.  I’m thinking because I am exerting less energy trying to keep my butt and stomach up, I can focus more energy on my chest and back when doing Merkins.

Q:  Glauc   PAX:  Sade, Thumbtack, Endo, Crab Legs, Nice N Slow, Meter Maid, Huggies, Methane, Jitterbug, Viking, Cowboy, Woody (FNG), Pew Pew, Yogi, Maxi, Dynomyte

Mosey around parking lot where all the cars are parked x 2.  End back @ flags.  COP:  30 SSH , Plank Stretching,  30 SSH, Plank Stretching, Hamstring Hold

THE 1 and only Thang

We will call this “The Run” Run the same “loop” around the parking lot.  For about 30 yards, I designated a AYG (or sprint) zone then finish back @ the flag

6,  1 minute Interval (with 15 second break between)  We did the follwoing for one min. in this order…   Elbow Plank, Merkins, Side plank, Side plank (other side), Merkins, Plank

Repeat “The Run”

Repeat interval training:   unilateral leg lunge, unilateral leg lunge (other leg), sumo squats, calf raises, courtesy lunge (both legs), sumo squats

Repeat “the run” (with no legs)

Repeat Interval training:  Ace/Garys ( BB Sit ups / other parter in plank), Switch partners, Pickle crunchers (smashers, supermans, methanes.. whatever you want to call it),  Merkins, elbow Plank, pickle crunchers (methanes, smashers, whatevs.)

one last repeat of Ace/ Garys (1 round each partner)

A quality announcement and intentions session…. Honored to be with all you fine HIMS

Glauc OUT!!


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