Back Blast #TheBlender 7/25/18

After falling prey to M’s (not pointing fingers) deceitful ploy to hit Gustavo’s for dinner last night (That’s right, I take no responsibility for the half basket of chips!), I knew this guy needed a special weinke this morning to shed the guilt.  After thinking about all of the things that I most agonized over at #TheMutt, besides the wet grass, one workout came to mind that was introduced to me a few months ago by @danbayer123 Old Bay I think.   He said we were going to run up and down Leland and Cherrywood and do exercises at both ends and in the middle.  And so a plan was born.

Gather round y’all.  Pax: Sump Pump, P.E.D., Left Eye, Pork Chop, Hot Wheels, Glen Ross, Big Bird, Zonka, Myagi, Snowman, Cowbell and Zima (Q).

Disclaimer given and we moseyed around the school to the large parking area for some COP.

Round 1:

Grass Grabbers x 15 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Copperhead Squats x 20 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 each side IC

Plank x 15 sec + Left Side Plank x 15 sec + Right Side Plank x 15 sec

Merkins x 15 IC

Round 2:

Abe Begodas x 20 IC

High Knees x 30 sec.

LB Squats x 20 IC (Lowered squat position and bounce up and down maintaining squat position)

Groiners x 15 IC

Plank to Merkin x 10 each side

Explosive Merkins x 10 together

Run Web:

After giving warning about noise ordinance, especially when cursing the Q, on Ormand we moseyed from the parking lot to the corner of Ormand and Cherrywood.

The Plan:  Run down Ormand to the bridge (about 125 yards) and do 1 set (1 per side) of Knee to same side elbow Mountain Climbers.  Run back up hill to corner of Ormand and Cherrywood and do 2 sets (2 per side) of regular Mountain Climbers.  Now run up Cherrywood to stop sign (about 110 yards) and do 1 set (1 per side) Knee to opposite elbow Mountain Climbers and return to intersection and do 4 sets of regular Mountain Climbers.  Rinse and Repeat until we get to 10 sets at each end and 40 sets at the intersection.  That’s roughly 2.5 miles covered with 840 regular mountain climbers and 110 outside and cross over mountain climbers for inquiring minds.

Reality:  We ran out of time and had to stop after 7 rounds, but i was especially proud of the Pax for sticking together on this one.  It wasn’t easy.



Announcements: Popevergance Saturday.  Still have some F3Dad’s shirts.  I’ll find you @f3digiorno and @f3starchild!

Intentions given for all of our F3 families.  Love this group of sweathounds.




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