8/8 #theBridge @F3Parklands – BackBlast

With School starting next week, I am trying to get in as many workouts in as possible. Then an opportunity to Q the bridge presented itself. Since we have started the WOs at the Tank I haven’t posted at the Bridge, so I figured it would be good to get over there. After the IronPax challenge Tuesday I was pretty sore and questioning the decision. However, the weather broke just in time.

I was expecting a smaller crowd this morning as I figured the Posh guys would make a run at the Ghost Flag. But they didn’t disappoint, as it got closer to 0530 there were 20 men there TK get better. So that’s what we did. Thanks for coming out gents!

Pax: Nice &Slow, Gypsy, Double Down(R), Valdez, Little Jerry (R), Huggies, Pew Pew, Whiff, Dynomite, Maxi, Floodplain, Nino, Endo, Yogi, Wapner, Methane, Starchild, Gravedigger, Tool Time, & Hot Wheels (YHC-Q)

We started with a brief mosey to the side lot and did some of the usual stuff. SSH, IW, GG, AV, and a Burp-o-Rama.

Then to the other end of the Lot for a failure. But hey we had some good laughs along the way, and while we were doing it got in some work. It was hard.

We lined up in 2 lines of 10 for a push up line, mashed up with bearcrawls. With your feet on the shoulders of the HIM behind you we did push ups together. Then the HIM in the back bear crawled to the front. We did this once through.

Next we moseyed to the bridge for some ladder work. This was awesome, I mean it sucked. Has F3 Louisville seen a Q spill Merlot yet? It nearly happened this morning.

We started with as Bernie Sanders to the top of the bridge the turn around and mosey to the bottom. Do 5 burpees. The repeat to the other side and add 10 Merkins. Continued this with the following reps, 15 Dips, 20 Squats, 25 Calf Raises, and 30 LBCs.

And as you know, what goes up, must come back down, so we defended down the ladder. Great job to the guys who finished before others to keep working and push us all. We finished with enough time for a mosey back to the flag and quick plank.

We closed it out with lots of intentions for those in need, which reminds us how lucky we are to be able to get up and do what we do. We thanked the Lord for providing us this opportunity.

Thanks again to all that came out.

Hot Wheels.

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