Back Blast – #TempleofGloom – Sick Bay

Well, my Q this morning reminded me of the scene out of Seinfeld where George’s dad accidentally poisons his men when he was a cook in the Army and they are all throwing up to the theme music from Platoon, but I digress.  I am always a little worried that my Q’s might be viewed as “easy”, so I wanted to come up with something challenging but fair. We had 3 FNG’s at the O this morning which was great! I gave the disclaimer about modifying and off we went.  Midway through Thang 2 is when things went a little sideways. I heard someone say there was someone puking in the bushes. I looked over and saw it was an FNG. I won’t mention his identity to protect his good F3 name but if you haven’t puked or almost puked at one of the workouts I would be surprised. We finished up COT and I fist bumped FNG Ming before I went to my car. I just met him this morning, so I don’t know him, but he looked ok. Then about two hours later I received a text while sitting in a meeting from Gepetto “Just saw Slack, WTF happened?”. What? Then from Gepetto again “Holy S@%t dude. What did you do to those poor bastards?”. Me? Then lastly from Meatball “I told you your Q was tough! One FNG puking and one at the ER. That has to be an F3 record”. ER?? Wait, what?? Holy S@%T!! My intent was not to make anyone sick or send them to the ER but I guess it does alleviate my worry about my Q’s being too easy. In all seriousness, I am glad to hear FNG Ming is doing better and hopefully the other FNG’s will return to see us very soon. Ok, let’s get to it:

Q: Backdraft

Pax: Glen Ross, Fridge, OJ, Deuce, Ham, Shiplap, Fonda (Respect), McAfee, Meatball, Methane, Gillispie, Who Dey, Hot Wheels, Java (FNG), Ming (FNG), Candyland (FNG), Wham, Glass Joe, Flounder. I think I am missing one who left early but I can’t remember who it was, sorry.

COP: Side Straddle Hops, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Downward Dog Calf Stretches, Cobra, Saturday Nights, Kendra Newman’s

Thang 1: Mosey to Cogan’s Corner and partner up at the top of the hill. 100 Merkins, 200 Big Boy Sit Ups, 300 Deep Squats. Partner 1 begins the 100 Merkins; Partner 2 runs to the bottom of the hill, completes 10 Burpees, runs back to the top of the hill, and switches spots with Partner 1. Continue this cycle until 100 Merkins are completed. Then 200 Big Boy Sit Ups; Partner 1 begins Big Boy Situps, Partner 2 runs to the bottom of the hill, bear crawls midway back up the hill, then Bernie Sanders the remainder of the hill to the top,  and switches spots with Partner 1. Continue this cycle until 200 Big Boy Sit Ups are completed. Then 300 Deep Squats; Partner 1 begins 300 Deep Squats, Partner 2 runs to the bottom of the hill, completes 5 Catalina Wine Makers, then runs back to the top of the hill, and switches spots with Partner 1. Continue this cycle until 300 Deep Squats are completed.

Thang 2: Mosey from Cogan’s corner to the playground. 10 Pull Ups, 15 LBC’s, 20 Dips, sprint to the far side of the soccer field and back to the playground. Complete two rounds of these exercises and listen for the FNG puking in the bushes.

COT: FNG’s were named and welcomed, announcements were made about the Ruck this Saturday night 8/11, check Slack for more info or get in touch with Methane or Star Child. Intentions were sent up. Oh and 911 was called…Ming glad you’re ok, hope you come back out soon. Backdraft out!

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