8/8 TheTank Backblast #GhostFlagHeist


YHC tried to pick a fight, but the poshy poshy chumps decided the Tank was to tough and rather than coming to face the fire of a kilo Beatdown they would rather stay in their comfy AO with the soft well groomed landscaping sponsored by lulu lemon.  They talk a big game “wait til Kilo sees what the posh has in store for him!”  These cats can talk, but the profs in the puddin.  They’re simply scared of TheTank Beatdowns.  In fact, Nino called

Snowday, PK and myself arrived at TheTank with diabolical intentions.  The photo above gives you a glimpse of what happens when you’re talking trash about taking the ghost flag from the tank.  You gotta earn it!!

Now, YHC was pissed.  I tied that darn thing up, sprayed it with icy hot.  Only to take it down myself an hour later.  Posh, you got another one coming for you!  Be ready!!





rhi rhi








mamas boy

big bird

tony malito



long mosey to the circular over look by the creek.

YHC pulled his new trick out of his bag

Steinel courtesy of CI who stole from f3 Greensboro

Hold plank for 30 secs (allowing 3 members of PAX to provide 10 counts), then lower to Chilcutt (forearm) plank for 3 more 10 counts.
10 Merkins
Amazing Spiderman IC (peter parker, mountain climber, parker peter) right leg
10 Merkins
Hold plank for 10 count x 3, then lower to Chilcutt (forearm) plank for 10 count x 3.
10 Merkins
Amazing Spiderman IC (peter parker, mountain climber, parker peter) left leg
10 Merkins

we then moseyed over to hill at bottom of picnic tables


1 merkin at bottom ascending

10 dips at top. Descending


mosey to the tank where we hit the Steinel again


moaey to baseball for some f3 baseball

4 teams

team at home plate does 15 burpees

releases team in right field doing copperhead squats


team in center doing jump lunges

team in left doing big boy sit ups


then you guessed it, another steinel!!!



burn it out with ab o Rama



So glad to have butcher back in the gloom!  He’s ripped btw.  Been working out with the green rapids pax and teaching them a thing or two about F3louisville.


All serious f3 is the only thing that could get me out of bed to tie a stupid flag to a tank for no reason and then untie the darn thing an hour later.  And that’s really cool!

Tank still has that flag, come get it from us!






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