8.9.18 Backblast Bayside

Mr. Bubbles, Crystal, Charolais (r), Fanny k (r), Shuttlecock (r), Gilly, Grinder, Grandpa Bear (q).

Thanks for making the drive and thanks for joining us Grinder. Welcome anytime.

It was a stagnant foggy 75 degrees. With no response from anyone, I confirmed that everyone made it out without checking their email or text msgs. We have so many distractions in our busy lives. Getting a clean clear start to your day makes a big difference. It’s easy to lose focus with a machine that has so many different sounds for all the alarms and alerts going off. F3 has definitely helped get back on track with starting the day with a fresh start. I hope everyone else is challenged in the same way. Thank you to everyone that holds me accountable.

We started with a short disclaimer of myself not being a professional, modify as needed, and off to COP, for some stretching.


80. SSH (IC)

Mosey to front of bldg.

Exercise was to complete the following while partnered up;

150 Burpees, run Bernie Sanders style, 5 merkins, run and relieve partner.

300 35 lb coupon arm curls, run, 25 dips, run, relieve partner.

300 squats, run, 10 derkins, run, relieve partner

3 sets ea. 30 leg throughdowns

Due to time we all finished at different levels. We will return in a couple of months to repeat. Write down what you did today.

Mosey to COT.

Countorama, Namorama, announcements, intentions. Good job everybody. Have a safe and blessed day.

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