BackBlast – 8/23/18: Noxeema Bday Q at the Temple of Gloom #HowFarAreWeGoing?

Excited Happy Birthday GIF

Q: Noxeema Jackson

Pax: Butcher, Basic Bro (Grand Rapids F3), Shiplap, Donger, Diablo, Splitter (Grand Rapids F3), OJ, Drumroll, Uncle Rico, Sonka, Loco, Tincup, Vincent, Wham!, Gillespie, Glass Joe.

Weather: 58 degrees and dark; perfect weather

My planned stroll through the park turned into more of an adventure than planned, including bullying from a groundskeeper, but we survived and I couldn’t be happier that 16 HIMs showed up today in the Gloom to help me celebrate my birthday and get better — even had two come all the way from Michigan for the workout (beat that BUSCHHH).

EC Lap with Wham!, OJ and Uncle Rico

COP (Tennis Court):

-34 (a common theme today) SSHs

-Abe Vigotas

-Grass Grabbers

-Downward dog and cobra stretches

– Moroccan Nightclubs

Headlamps on and on to the Weinke

Thang 1: Time to explore the park – Jog towards Wham! Island, stop at overpass for 34 dips, continue on and stop at the Island for some LBCs while we wait for 6, then continuing on to bottom of golf course (.75 miles) where we were met by a grasscutter with some roadrage — no matter, we carried on.  Used an old Diablo workout from when I first joined F3 – everyone grab a partner, do 1 merkin together, run to top of hill do 1 burpee together, back down the hill to do 2 merkins, then back up hill for 2 burpees together, and son on until we got to 11s.  Had to cut short to get going back to the start.

Thang 2: Jog back, including lunges around Wham! Island, then 34 decline merkins on the overpass and back to the tennis court for final phase.

Thang 3/Mary: Variation of Jack Webbs I called Dan Mudds – instead of 1-4s, we did 3-4s in honor of my birthday: 3 LBCs, 4 plank jacks, 6 LBCs, 8 plank jacks, and so on until 30-40.  This was hard but everyone fought through it.

Circle Back at Flag: Got to hear more about our Grand Rapids F3 friends, and went into Intentions afterwords.  Was a great moment to reflect on how blessed we all are despite everything going on in life.  Very appreciative of everyone who came this morning.

XoXo Ms. Jackson



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