Back Blast The Bridge 9/12/18 (Iron Posh Challenge)

We completed the inaugural, what we from now on will call, The Iron Posh Challenge!

Weather clear 62 degrees 94% humidity

21 PAX  Little Jerry (R), Hot Wheels, Endo, Mayberry, Alexa, Abacus, Big Bird, Amelia, Double Down (R), Nice n Slow, Donut, Uncle Rico, Storm Trooper, Launch Pad (R), Mamma’s Boy, McAfee, Maxi, Nino, Dynomite!, Iceman (R), Huggies (Q).

The goal of this challenge was to compete in a you vs you style workout but to even the playing field a bit.  Six patches were at up for grabs to the top three teams.  Gold, Silver and white POSH patches were awarded.

Teams were chosen as follows.  (Since we had an odd number of PAX, YHC stayed out of the fray.)

Each PAX was asked to do five burpees followed by a quarter mile run.  The finishers lined up in a single file line from first to last place.    The first place finisher was paired with the last place finisher and so forth.

After teams were assigned we began the main workout.

Partner 1 runs a quarter mile while partner 2 does an exercise with a coupon.  Combined total reps were recorded for each pair in 30 minutes.  After every 10 minute interval the exercise would change.  10 reps were awarded for every quarter mile-run completed by the pair.

Exercise 1 – Man Makers (Burpee with coupon. Instead of clap at the end you lift coupon over your head)

Exercise 2 – Bonnie Bears ( Jump lunge holding coupon.  After left and right jump lunge, lift coupon over head. )

Exercise 3 – Burpee Press (From standing position squat down, take the coupon, lay on your back and perform a bench press.  Next place coupon back in front of you, stand up and clap)


  1. Mamma’s Boy/McAfee 501 (Gold Patch Award)
  2. Abacus/Alexa 445 (Silver Patch Award)
  3. Launch Pad/Storm Trooper 390 (White Patch Award)
  4. Double Down/Nice n Slow 363
  5. Dynomite!/Iceman 361
  6. Maxi/Nino 352
  7. Big Bird/Amelia 346
  8. Little Jerry/Hot Wheels 346
  9. Endo/Mayberry 344
  10. Donut/Uncle Rico 275


YHC thanked the PAX for another opportunity to lead a workout.  I wanted to recognize Storm Trooper who spoke to the group at the county yesterday on 9/11.  As a firefighter and a marine he embodies, in my mind, the spirit of America and I’m proud to know him.  We recognized the other veterans in our group as well as the first responders.

Intentions – Abacus M, those with cancer, those going through divorce,  the young man at Trinity’s family.

Thank you again for the opportunity.

Huggies out





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