9.18.18 BackBlast @F3LouisvilleCarpenter

5 High Quality Pax

Trump! – TANKED and the Knee is rounding into form nicely and is so good. Just spectacular. I mean. It’s beautiful-that knee.

Grinder – TANKED and was an early HC. He said on Monday – he would HC if I avoided the “Managed meadows”. Done. Stud.

FloJo – TANKED and the Larry Bird of the Carp. Solo EC run prior to workout. Woof. Dude went hard. I can describe his backside in great detail to a police sketch artist if needed.

Zartan – My accountability partner. He texted on Monday looking for a ride. Which is a classic CI move. CI pulling strings to be certain I don’t Fartsack. I see ya. Z wore No tank. No problem. He crushed.

Q- Zoolander

Gearlander – Baby blue 7 inch seams. This is about as low as you wanna go boys. F3 gray white claw dry fit. Saucony no peak socks that matched my gray saucony shoes which matched my gray shirt.

Side note. I see on Slack that Huggies is running point on the Ranger pantie Ruck. Kudos to you Higgins! Way to step up. Looks awesome! And the breakfast at su casa sounds fab. BUT – As the official gear-tan of the Louisville PAX – I am bearish on this style. Open minded…..but need to be convinced these are a good idea. I’ve seen them on my man Kilo…..and…umm…jury is out. Like. Way out.

Pro tip- please ask the PAX to put on sweat pants before introducing them to your M and 2.0’s at breakfast. Ok. I’ll stop. This isn’t a fashion blog. Yet.

I told Z I’d grab him at 5:05ish. I pulled out of my driveway at 5:09 and saw a car coming my way. Only one car on this planet would be coming my way on Leland at 5:09 on a Tuesday. So I flashed my lights, and Z reversed it about 300 feet back into his driveway. Solid Bernie Sanders work. Camry edition. I asked if he was coming to get me or the flag. His response… “Both.” Ok. Good. Let’s go.

We had a great chat on the way to the Carp. There was a reason I picked him up today. Not a coincidence.

Arrive at the Carp. No one there. Not even the weird chain smoker dude. Then Grinder, Trump, and FloJo rolled in. Then 17 cars passed by. Nope. Not stopping. FloJo says there’s a FIA knock off nearby. Must’ve been a better pre blast than mine….then I paused, and realized I had 3 F3 OG’s and THE Carp OG! This is gonna be good.

I used to get discouraged if my Q’s were lightly attended. Not anymore. Gimme 5-10 pax, some can-do attitudes ,and turn up the mumble chatter! A party.

Here’s what we did

Counted off. 6 seconds.

Moseyed across trevilian to give the pax a glimpse of the hill we were naming. Stop at bottom and begin COP on the move…

20 pavement grabbers.


Jog back to the park.

Plank on railroad ties around playground.

20 mountain climbers. IC

Bear crawl around playground

20 incline merkins

Crawl bear around playground

Stop. Hold plank. Runners stretch.

20 plank jacks. Flo jo and zartan did more mountain climbers. Whatever.

Jog to pavilion.

20 box jumps onto bench. Recover.

Jog to picnic tables. Feet on bench. 20 derkins.

Jog bag to the hill across Trevilian.

BLIMPS. Start at top of hill and do exercises at the bottom. Start at 3 count and Increase by 3 each time we get back down the hill. Recover at the top. We agreed that This was the toughest, steepest, and longest hill we’ve ever done. And we did it together. Did all BLIMPS together. Recovered together at the top. Lots of mumble chatter and lots of encouragement. Half way through- we decided to name this F@!k$r.

Here’s how that went:

Joe Creason …JC….Jesus Christ…..he was a carpenter….the Carp!…..builder of men…..JC was also who Owen Wilson’s character referenced in “Meet the Parents” as his inspiration for taking up carpentry, and building that altar. Hence the name.

Fokker Hill

Run it sometime. Woof!

After the hill work we were spent. But we weren’t done.

Ace and Gary Run. 2 pax lay down ready to do big boy sit ups. 2 other pax grab their feet and plank up. Thankfully no one was wearing ranger Panties. Do amrap big boys. Pax 5 sprints AYG 75 yards and back. Rotate when te gets back. Rotate until everyone gets to be Ace, Gary, and the hard runner.

6:13. Jog back to flag.

Modified jack Webb. 20 merkins. 40 air presses. Woof. Packs a punch. The microwave version when you’re really tired, but still need to get 75 seconds of work in. Aye!

NOR and COT.

Intentions and prayers to do the next right thing. Not the next easy thing. Thanked the boys for coming out. Carp has a great vibe. Come check out Fokker Hill, and the great dudes that post.


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