Back Blast Boozer Birthday Q@The Loco 9/18/18

Started off my thanking all the HIMs who showed up to celebrate my birthday. I explained that as I get older I’m realizing I need to never take a minute for granted and that I really don’t like surprises. With that said we did a quick mosey around to station 1.

Battier Warm Up

Grass Grabbers, Side Straddle Hops, Ave Bagotas, and stretches

At each station there was a birthday present filled with wonderful exercises options ranging from Burpees to Rest. Going along with never taking a single minute for granted each exercise would be for a full minute. I had each guy come up and reach into the box and pull out pain.

Station 1 Coupons.

Overhead press, merkins on coupons, 5 Burpees, dips, curls

Station 2

Burp Merkins, bear crawl, mountain climbers, plank jacks, Rest

Station 3

Box cutters, LBCs, scissor kicks, boats and canoes

We ended a little early to enjoy some birthday cupcakes and some fellowship. We circled up and gave Red Wagon (FNG) his name. Prayers for those who needed them and then we parted. Thanks again for everyone who showed up and got better.

Valdez, Red Wagon (FNG), Battier, Training Wheels, Perrier, Bulletin (R), Carmen, Alexa, Freon, Airplane, Wildflower, Mud Bug, Gilligan, Cochran, Momma’s Boy, OJ, Bid Bird, Viking, Sterrage, PK, Fungi, Soccer Mom, Boozer

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