Agony BackBlast – @ the County – 8/18/18

A cold morning (debatable PAX car readings from 38 to 42 degrees) out in county, but a strong St Al’s showing nonetheless at 24 strong. The morning went like this. I gave a brief overview of the routine we would be going through, a quick disclaimer (no FNGs) and we were off. First thing, a mosey over to the coupon yard to get our coupons ready. Then we circled up for 25 SHH and some down dog to stretch out legs.

The PAX:
Airplane, Bulletin (R ), Cowboy, Crockpot, Firestone (visiting HIM from Charlotte), Amelia, Abacus, Wildflower, Porkchop, Soccer mom, Meter maid, Fungi, Lube Job, Mudbug, Double Down (R ), Big Bird, Alexa, Red Wagon, Jolly Rancher, Momma’s Boy, Uncle Rico, Layers, Perrier, Fergie (Q)

The Thang:
The morning went like this. The full loop around the church and school forms a nice 1/2 mile loop. I set up 5 stations along that route, with a 30 minute clock. So, every lap meant 1/2 mile of running, and 100 reps of various exercises. The goal was for everyone to move at their own pace, and push themselves through as many laps as possible. The exercises were:

Station 1 – Lap 1: 10 man makers, Lap 2: 25 bicep curls, Lap 3: 25 bent over rows
Station 2 – Lap 1: 20 jump lunges (10 each leg), Lap 2: 25 monkey humpers, Lap 3: 25 squats
Station 3 – Lap 1: 20 merkins, Lap 2: 20 BBSUs, Lap 3: 10 burpees
Station 4 – Lap 1: 25 dips, Lap 2: 10 step ups / box jumps, Lap 3: 20 incline merkins (EC for decline merkins)
Station 5 – Lap 1: 25 shoulder presses, Lap 2: 20 mountain climbers (1 count), Lap 3: 20 flutter kicks (4 count)

The Pax worked through 3-4 laps, so anywhere between 300 and 400 reps and 1.5 to 2 miles of running. We finished up with about 2 minutes to spare. Porkchop led us on a quick mary (50 Da Vinci’s) and we circled up for nameorama and announcements. Intentions were said, and we continue to keep those friends/family who are struggling or otherwise in need of support, in our prayers.

I appreciate the opportunity to Q today, and for the number Pax showing up and sticking through it on this cold morning.

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