Extender BackBlast @F3TheMutt #Failure #Success #F3Counts

Q: Digiorno
PAX: Cornhole (FNG), Grease Monkey, Zima, Duece, Fridge, Tiger, Mouth, Old Bay, Wham-O, Left Eye, Rhi Rhi, PED, Sump Pump, Daddy’s Girl, Bean-O, Digiorno Q
Disclaimer given
Mosey around school to grab coupons
Circle up in parking lot near portico
Tricep stretch
Shoulder stretch
Downward dog
Grass Grabbers
As PAX completed we see in the distance…Tiger. He learned later that he would need the warm-up.
Thang 1:
AMRAP the below exercises to Failure
2 minute timer
30 second rest
Mountain Climbers
Big Boy Sit-ups
Flutter Kicks w/coupon
This was hard. First minute was easy, then we all realized there were 5 more exercises to complete.

Thang 2:
Partner up
Each PAX and coupon is set at opposite ends of length of 2 parking spots
P1 and P2 Bear Crawl length of 2 parking spots to each other’s coupon
Each PAX completes 10 reps of the below exercise
Then Bear Crawls back to original coupon
Repeato until each PAX completes 70 reps of each exercise
Coupon Press
Coupon Swings
Sir Planks-A-Lot
Tap: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes
Announcements, check Slack
Failure at some point in our lives is inevitable, knowing you have the support of the PAX is also inevitable…F3!

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