Convergence at The Poshlands 10.27.18 PreBlast


When: Saturday, October 27, 2018

Time: 0700 – 0815

Pre-WO Ruck: 0530 – 0645 

Pre-WO Run: 0600 – 0650

Where: The Posh (Beckley Creek Park)

Parking: There are multiple locations (see map below)


Misc: Following the WO there will be refreshments & plenty of 2rd F.

Why: We’ve experienced tremendous growth within F3Louisville over the past year with 399 NEW PAX coming to a WO since 11.1.17. There’s only one true adversity on the horizon for F3Louisville…winter. As we wrap up a week of Q School this Convergence will be the last event to bring ALL the PAX together before winter arrives. Before the dark nights grow longer, the temperature drops, the rain turns to snow, & the fart sack has more lure than ever. 

The WO on Saturday will be hard because well, we don’t get up for easy. You will get better & the fellowship will be imminent. We had 86 PAX at the 1 Year Convergence in April & 74 PAX at Popevergence in July.

How many PAX will find their way to the Poshlands on Saturday?


Nino & McAfee

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