Back-Blast – Temple of Gloom – 10/25/18

We started off Q School for TOG with a quick little mosey over to the tennis court to circle up. We didn’t get any further than about 3-4 steps before Loco was shouting out that we had an FNG and we didn’t get a disclaimer, etc. My intention was to cover those things as soon as we got to the tennis courts but it played nicely into my overall message which was to not get too caught up in making sure you have a “perfect” Q. There will always be someone there to help you through it(some louder than others lol). I covered the F3 Nation website and the link to Q’ing your first workout. I also directed the FNG to the section of the site that lists out 10 tips for FNG’s. The main message was to know there is a process to Q’ing a workout and that we need to commit to learning and honing the process with each Q we conduct. If you miss a step or don’t know a proper name of an exercise it is okay and fear of missing something shouldn’t hold you back from signing up for your first Q.

After rambling over these items for longer than anticipated I started the workout. Warmup:

20 x SHH

20 x Grass Grabber

20 x Copperhead Squats

Circle Burpee/NOR

I took a page out of my Q from Monday at North Posh for the rest of the workout:

We set out on a mosey around the walking track with 4 stops throughout the loop. 1st stop we covered the 1st core principle and completed a pushup ladder(10 push-ups/10 count plank, 9 pushups/9 count plank, etc.) The 2nd stop we covered the 2nd core principle and we did a Bobby Hurley ladder(10 BH’s/10 count squat hold, 9 BH’s/9 count squat hold, etc. The 3rd stop was the 3rd principle and another pushup ladder. The 4th stop was the 4th principle and back to a Bobby Hurley ladder.

When we finally arrived back to the tennis courts we were way further along on time than I had anticipated. I spent too much time in the warm-up talking and wasn’t going to be able to finish a lot of the torturous activity I had planned for the PAX. I settled for  a partner exercise with Partner 1 running a gasser(my definition: a sprint all the way down to the end of the tennis court and back, twice – so up and back, up and back) while Partner 2 was doing Man-Maker burpees with a coupon. I intentionally did not take a headcount in the beginning of the workout to show the PAX how it can get the group off track if you try to do it mid-workout but it ended up backfiring on me and causing more of an issue due to the time constraint I imposed on myself by rambling away at the start. However, we got things moving and I was able to at least inflict a little bit of pain which made me feel better.

After we finished on the tennis courts we circled around the flag and did some jack webb of Big Boy Sit-ups and American Hammers. We also covered the 5th core principle as we circled up for COT. In all, the Q wasn’t perfect. They never are. The point is to get out there and do it. If things go differently than planned it is okay. The PAX will help you and you will figure it out. I hope to see more new Q’s in the near future and I hope this was helpful to anyone that might be gun shy.

We ended with intentions and announcements. We prayed for the victims of the Kroger shooting and all other intentions spoken and unspoken.

I was grateful to have the opportunity to lead out there and I look forward to coming back to TOG for a full beatdown when it’s not Q school week!


Glenn Ross


Cheese Curd


TFB – Tammy Faye Baker




Flo Jo








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