BB Choose Your Own Adventure at the Rooster 11/6 -PED

PAX – PED (Q), Deuce, Old Bay, Sump Pump, Windshield, Mouth, Noxeema Jackson, Maize, Escort, Huggies ,Mary Poppins, Spreadsheet, Left Eye, Mad Cow, Fridge, Tiger, Blueprint, Miyagi, Larry Flint, Cow Bell, Sprinkler,  Grinder, Fungi

On election day the PAX’s got to decide the Weinke by voting on various Thangs.

Gave disclaimer and mozied the path around to the coupon garden for coupons and circled up in the parking lot.

Warm up

Grass Grabbers (15- IC)

SSH (20-IC)

Downward Dog (while in downward dog we counted off to know the number of PAX’s for each vote.  The counting may have been the most difficult thing done the entire workout)

Touch your toes

Vote #1

  1. Indian Run that was longer than normal through Ormond or…
  2. The 12 street light burpee, where we run Leland, St. Matthews Ave and Elmwood and stop at every street light.  There are 12 total.  We start with 12 burpees, next light down to 11 and so on.

This vote was close and Indian Run won by 1 vote. During the run some of the PAX’s wanted to change their vote.

Vote #2

  1. Dora with a partner – 100 burpees, 200 squats, while the other partner farmer carries the coupons to the other side of the parking lot and does 10 SSH’s or…
  2. A group of three partners. One PAX on his back on the ground holding the ankles of the 2nd PAX who is standing above his head.  PAX 1 raises his legs and PAX 2 pushes them to the ground.  While PAX 1 and 2 do that the 3rd PAX farmer carries 2 coupons to the other side of the parking lot and does 10 SSH.  Farmer carries back and everyone rotates position for three rounds.

The 3 partner Thang won by a landslide.  No one wanted to do the 100 burpees.

Vote #3

  1. Jack Webb – American Hammers w/ coupon and rosalita or…
  2. Jack Webb – bench press w/ coupon and air press

Bench press and air press won out easily.

Vote #4

Partner up on opposite sides of the parking lot.  Bear crawl 3 times toward their partner and merkin, continue until they meet their partner in the middle at which point they did 10 high five merkins. Bear crawl/merkin back to their side of the parking lot.

The popular vote on this would have said no, but the popular vote lost the electoral college, even though there was only one electoral college vote, the Q.

Coupons returned.   Circled up at the flag, announcements and intentions given.   Great way to start of the day and honored to be able to Q a great group of HIM’s.


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