11/8/18 Pre Blast Sadie Q #TheBigKapowski -Martha Layne Collins School

Looking forward to a non leg WO @Bayside tomorrow 05:30 sharp.

I went to the Kilo Q @ The Silo Monday with a fellow Bayside PAX member we know as Glaucoma. We left this WO with jello legs and the hangover, mainly lower body aches and loss of feeling, only a weighted beat down from a deck of cards can leave you with.

That evening in full recovery mode I see my same fellow Bayside boy Glauc has the Q @ BOW the following morning.

I couldnt not go and support and knew there was no way he is pulling out a leg workout. Well..  He did.. and it hurt even more..

Kilo was also at the BOW Tuesday.. he was as confused as I was… Glauc is really doing a leg WO right now??  we concluded he obviously must have planned his WO before Monday’s WO at the Silo….

I told Kilo I was Q’ing Bayside Thursday and there would be no legs after this two day debacle.. he responded with “nothing but merkins”…

That sounded the internal alarm in my head.. great idea!!

Make sure you bring your gloves and stretch your arms.. and always remember to act when you hear an alarm.



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