Backblast 11/9. The Chopper

Pax: PK, Shortstacks, Kilo, Huggies, Jitterbug (R), Tony Malito, Worm, Snow Day, Hot Wheels, Aerobie (Q).

Start: overcast – but no rain. Disclaimer. Mosey, begin CoP. Merkins, grass grabbers, hillbilly squats. Mosey a little more, finish CoP. Isometric arm stretches (think, tennis forehand against partner resistance), merkin shoulder taps, imperial squat walkers. Grab coupons and carry them to Thang 1.

Sticking with a summer theme, thang 1 was inspired by the tennis I played as a kid at Douglass Hills. For 15 sec., simply jump over your coupon 1 side to the other. Then 30 sec. then 40 sec. then 50 sec. end “game” 1. For game 2, @Worm and @shortstacks “played” each other. Each point was played by guessing a color (Red or black) and drawing a random card from the F3 beat down in a box set. Point awarded for a correct guess. Point awarded to other player for wrong guess. Jumping over our individual coupons followed the scoring: Pax went for 15 sec. then for 15 sec. then 30 sec. then 40 sec with Shortstacks taking the game. More importantly, the cards they selected were used later in closing exercises.

Now to Thang 2 which was “swimming “ – another summer theme. Pax divided into 3 groups. Group 1 did a continual “relay,” each member running and jumping over coupons then sprinting to the flags, rinse and repeat til relieved. Group 2 did an “individual medley” of 4 legs, which were – bear crawl out, Bernie Sanders back, lunge walk out, sprint back for 2 sets. Group 3 did an individual medley, too: crab walk out, karaoke back, side lunge out, sprint back – for 2 sets. “Lanes” were switched until each Group did all 3.

Even though raining by now, Thang 3 was reminiscent of summer days throwing frisbee in the field next to DH pool. So I had grabbed an old “Aerobie” disc I found in the garage, and we chased it for awhile as it was thrown. First sprinting to it, next lunge walking to it.

Closing exercises (the ones I remember from the deck) included SSH, side lunges, and Rosalita (modified to standing cause the ground was wet). some Mary’s were in the plan, but these were audibled to various standing and “4-point” exercises.

CoT, announcements, and so forth. Prayers lifted up. Remember our Veterans for their dedication and sacrifices, esp. for Veterans Day weekend. Say thank you to them. What a quality group of men to enjoy working out with and be challenged by. In closing, I repeat some words found on F3’s website and on the workout box of cards:

F3 workouts: 1) are free of charge; 2) are open to all men; 3) are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold; 4) are led by men who participate in the work out in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary; and 5) end with a circle of trust.

— Aerobie

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