Back Blast – The Rooster @ The Mutt 11/13/18

15 PAX showed up in the cold and rain for my VQ at the Mutt. Tiger, Sprinkler, Plum Bob, Miyagi, Wham-O, Sump Pump, Backdraft, Deuce, Glen Ross, Left Eye, Blueprint, Maize, Fridge, and Windshield were there to usher me into Qdom.

We started off with a short run around the school and standard warm-up. Grass grabbers, hillbillies, SSH’s, mountain climbers, and some stretches. Then we took off for a 1-mile scout run. A scout run gets confusing when the Q doesn’t tell the scouts the route… I’ll work on that for next time. After that we got down to business with coupon wall squats (Boilermakers take longer to count to 200), military presses, curls, and rows. We ended the workout with some ab work.

Announcements:  Miyagi is trying to round up a ruck after Thanksgiving to work off that extra slice of pumpkin pie, and Sump Pump gave a shout out to the young guys at the convergence.  The great energy that they bring to F3 was noticed and appreciated at the convergence.

Since my first workout, I had great respect for the Qs that put the time and energy into making each workout happen.  I got a taste of it for myself today, and I’ll  do it again soon.

– Escort


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