BackBlast – The Tank – 11/28: TONY MALITO Q

It was a clear black gloom, a clear white moon.  Tony Malito was at THE TANK trying to consume some AMRAP DIPS to loosen my hips.  Moseyin’ with my HIMS.

Just hit the westside of the 2-6-5, on mission tryin to keep them HIMS alive.  Seen car full a county strollin in, aint no need to tweak, Malito for the WIN.

So I hooks a left on 155 at park drive, some brothas warming up, so I said, ‘lets do this’.  I jumped out the ride and said, ‘circle up!’

I’m getting jacked, im breaking myself!  I can’t believe they’re taking Malito’s health.  They took my sleep, they took my excuses.  I look at my brothers and said lets get to the abuses.

We got KILO hemmed up and we all around….

OK….ran out of where to from here.


SSH, fast count abe-vigodas, grass grabbers, mosey 2 times around monument.


20 derkins/20 big boys, single count X 2

Mosey half mile to far parking.


20 T-Merkins, single count

AMRAP 1 minute BOYOS

20 T-Merkins, single count

Mosey to concrete bleachers.

AMRAP DIPS, 1 minute

AMRAP, flutter kicks, 1 minutes

AMRAP DIPS, 1 minute

AMRAP Weezy Jeffersons, 1 minute


Mosey back to big hill.

Sprint the hill and mosey back down X 3.


Circle of Mary, every PAX chose a mary and ran around until circle until time.

CoT- count-o-rama, name-o-rama, annoucements, intentions and prayer.

PS – Thanks again for the county HIMS who graced us with their precence.



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