I’m baaaaack

Q Nugget

Pax Captain Insano, Methane, Vincent, Violet, Escort, Shank, OJ, Retainer, Snowman, Trump, Nugget

Gerlander: Reebok cold gear shirt, Nike Red tights, Swiftwick socks, Red F3 Louisville shirt.

Weather: it was cold.

As I pulled in, the park was empty, but the line of cars filled in quickly. But no Methane. Sadly, I was worried his VC (verbal commitment) would go to the wayside like Wondale Robinson’s to UK, or all of Louisville’s football recruits.

We moseyed to the coupon field for COP


15 Grass Grabbers IC

Kendra Newmans as I explained thang 1

Deteriorating Tabata

1st round of the exercise is 1 minute, each successive round you lose 5 seconds.

6 burpees per round

12 hand release Merkins per round

It was right before round 1 of the burpees, that we saw the Blue pullover…the signature of Methane. The burpees were completed by all but me, but the merkins proved to be more formidable.

After completing the Merkins, we grabbed one coupon per person.

And on to Thang 2

I pulled this from a crossfit website and made some modifications.

Partner up with someone of similar running ability and do the following:

Run around the perimeter of the coupon field

50 squats as a team

Run around the perimeter

50 Merkins as a team

Run again

50 Big Boy sit ups as a team

Run again

50 coupon swings as a team

Run again

50 overhead presses

Rinse and repeat until time called.

Methane asked if we were running today. Specifically, running to the Mutt. Nope, well not running to the Mutt. Lots of Mumble chatter during this one.

I called time on this one so we could do some Mary work.

9 to 5

We circled up on our 6 for some Dolly Parton inspired ab work. Listened to the classic, “9 to 5”. Do AMRAP LBCs until the chorus and then move to Dolly’s. Get it, Dolly’s…like for Dolly Parton. You’ll figure it out.

We had 4 minutes left for a plank o Rama. While in plank, we went around the circle and counted 10 for each pax.

Solid work by all, so YHC called time 1 minute early.


Announcements about the toy drive. Intentions for Double Down and an ask to be kind for all those in our lives.

Well, CI, I guess I can’t continue to give you shit for missing my Qs. And Methane was there…but who was missing? Mad Cow, Zoo…hmmm

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