12/6 Extender BackBlast at the Mutt

Pax (19): Huge turnout!  Wasn’t expecting this at all and honestly was thinking maybe 12 or 14 at the most.   A tall, skinny guy that works at bank usually doesn’t get a lot of people excited for a workout.  But specifically want to thank Jitterbug and IceMan for visiting the Mutt today—thanks for rolling out and come back soon!

Zima, Digiorno, Fergie, Buschhhh, Tiger, Pork Chop, PED, Deuce, Pepperoni, Fridge, Maize, SumpPump, WhamO, Sprinkler, Plumb Bob, Windshield, Jitterbug (respect), IceMan (respect) & Glen Ross Q

Conditions: 29 and clear, feels like 22.

When I signed up for todays Q, it was around the same time last year that I went out for my first Ruck.  So a year ago, rucking was pretty new and not many had the fancy $300 packs that we now have.

Kilo had the Q and it was a Black Ops Ruck at the O on a Friday morning.  Some of the guys had already been doing a few and I decided to give it a try.   So I load up my old backpack with some bench weights ducktaped with old t-shirts and made my way over to the O. What happened next was not “the walk in the woods” that I was expecting, but instead a 45 minute ruck training beat down.  A few weeks later I had the Q at the Blender (Dec20) and used a lot of that “ruck”/ “walk in the woods” workout for the Pax that day.  So here we are nearly a year later, I recycled this one for today.

Side note:  3 of the pax—Buschhhh, Digiorno, and Zima were there for the last one on December 20—thanks for coming back out today.

On to the BB

Disclaimer and off for short mosey to warm up.  We Bernied over and did 10 SSH, 10 Imperial Walkers, 5 Surfies (mixed these in for Old Bay whose out on the DL), 10 V-ups,  10 Freddie Mercs, 10 Big Boys and then count off into 1’s and 2’s

For short Scout /Plank Run up Brookfield and then back down Leland.  Total distance on this just over ½ mile.  Nice and warmed up, we head over to Zoo’s honey hole.  Now with Zoo on the Q on Tuesday, I thought he might want to take the Pax over.  But we didn’t and some of the newer guys I thought never been, so I decided to head back there.   Last year, Zoo found this spot right around Christmas and they had a nice Nativity scene set-up, so with it being St. Nicks day I thought it would be appropriate to mix in today.

2 things: 1. About half the guys have never been back there and 2. No Nativity scene—not sure what happened…………..did Bishop Spalding take this to Nashville?

When back there everybody grab a spot on the picnic table for the following:

20 Dips/ 20 Inclines/ 20 Derkins

Repeat when finished but lowered the reps to 15 for round 2/ cool down

Next, exit Zoo’s honey hole and mosey over to grab a coupon

Main Event—back to the beginning of the backblast.  This was Kilo’s “Walk in the Woods” section

I had set up cones in the morning with 5 different stops—about 40 yards from start to finish

10 yard bear crawl—then 20 squats

10 yard bear crawl—then 20 merkins

10 yard bear crawl—then 20 coupon curls

10 yard bear crawl—then 20 4count flutter kicks

10 yard bear crawl—then 20 4count Mountain Climbers

Then repeat on the way back.

I also busted out some Christmas tunes to provide some holiday cheer and played the Christmas Vacation soundtrack, which is by far the absolute best Christmas movie ever

Finished one round and noticed that Buschhhh was itching for some more running so we all took one quick lap around the school and settled in for one more round, but lowered the amount to 15 reps per stop.

Put the coupons up at 6:13 and moseyed back to flag, knocked out 21 Gas pumps to end right at 6:15


Announcements: December Ruck—HC now and get with Buschhhh about T-shirts no later than tomorrow.  Also, toy drive—encourage each Pax to purchase at least one gift and bring to workout next week.

Intentions: Zima’s friend in Lexington and their newborn, DoubleDown–great to hear surgery went well and all are praying for full and speedy recovery

Prayer:  Followed up on DG’s message from yesterday.  Don’t get so caught up in the stuff we don’t have or all of the materialistic BS that is constantly around us–especially this time of year.  Take time to appreciate what we have and be thankful for our many blessings (good health, great M’s, kids, careers………)

Gave each Pax an Orange for St. Nicks Day and closed it out



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