BB. The Mutt. Saturday. 11.24.2018.

When: 0700


Where: The Mutt


Number of PAX: 6


Pax: Sump Pump, Glen Ross, Daddy’s Girl, Windshield, Blueprint, Miyagi (Q)


Disclaimer given and off to a mosey around the school.



Imperial Walkers
Abe Vigodas
Grass Grabbers


Thang 1:

Split into two teams of 3

Relay Race:

One person sprints down to the end of the parking lot and does an exercise (Curls, Overhead Press, and Man Makers), while the remainder of the group stays in place doing an exercise (Plank, Bobby Hurley’s, and SSH). Whenever all 3 members of the group completed a set of the original exercises (Curls, Overhead Press, and Man Makers) they do a lap around the school. Then start the next set of exercises.


Thang 2:

High five push ups


box jumps

Box Cutter Time Bomb


Thang 3:

Mary: Ring of Fire

Final lap around reflection path



Quick prayer and Nam-O-Rama cause it was cold







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