01.03.2019. Back Blast. Miyagi Q @ The Extender. The Mutt.Clearly College Didn’t Teach Me How To Speak.


When: 0530


Where: The Mutt


# of PAX: 11


PAX:  Sump Pump, Tiger, Sherpa, Messi, Plumb Bob, Glen Ross, PED, Geppetto, Windshield, Wham-O, and Miyagi (Q)




Disclaimer given, and off on a mosey around The Mutt.



Chicken Wing

Toe Touches

Arm Across Chest

Downward Dog/Scorpion

SSH (15 IC)

Grass Grabbers (15 IC)

Abe Vagodas (15 IC)


Thang 1 

Partner up for some Suicide Dora

Partner 1: AMRAP 200 x Big Boy Sit Ups, 200 x Merkins, 200 X Jump Squats

Partner 2: Runs a suicide that goes as follows — Start in main parking lot at opposite end of Cherrywood Rd and run to the start of the school, then back to start ex, then go to the beginning of the portico where it juts out and back to start ex, then out to end of where the portico juts out and back to start ex, and finally to the last parking space line and back to start ex.

When Partner 2 gets back they switch roles. Funny thing is, when YHC was first giving directions he slipped up, and said 200 Burpees instead of Mekrins, foreshadowing what exercises were to come in the near future. Like the title says, YHC couldn’t speak to save his life today. YHC trying to speak was worse than Shaq at the free-throw line, or Lonzo Ball taking any shot.


Thang 2

We all ran together as a group around the school for another mosey, but stopping at the main 4 corners to knock out 5 BOYOS each. We were going to do this 3x through, but with the lack of time, and the fact that YHC was cramping/winded due to eating an entire frozen pizza on his own the night before his Q, he called an audible.


**Incase anyone didn’t recognize him, Co-Pay (YHC’s father (1.0?)) went walking past with his M (YHC’s mother) as they started off her birthday together the right way, ITG (well their version of TG). Happy Birthday, Mom!**


Thang 3: The Audible

After beginning the 2rd of what was supposed to be 3 burpee laps, YHC gathered everyone in the corner by where the flags would be and we knocked out a Merkin Time Bomb (Started at 10 and worked our way down).

When that was over YHC realized that there were still 2 minutes shy of the 0615 end time, so let’s Al Gore it till we need to circle up. Damn. That was stupid, but DFQ and embrace the suck.



We didn’t have flag, and we were already circled up, so YHC had the crew do the COT where we stood. The 11 PAX members quickly did a head count, name-o-rama, announcements, intentions, and ended with a quick prayer to the Sky Q.


**On a side note, I would like to take a second to pitch the “4 Saturday’s — 4 Churches” event that will be taking place over the course of this month. We will start this Saturday, January 5, 2019, at Holy Trinity Catholic Church’s 5:00pm service. Holy Trinity is better know to F3 as The Mutt. We will gather in the gathering space at 4:45-4:55, and then make our way to our seats.

This event is being Q’d by the Holy Spirit, and all are welcome! We encourage everyone to come out and see what the churches our F3 brothers attend have to offer. We will journey to St. Al’s (The County) the following week to see how many lexicon words @hillnergr can manage to slide into the reading, and then close out the last two weeks at Saint Matthews Baptist and River City United Methodist.

As the we enter 2019, this is a way to deepen/find your 3nd F with a community of HIMs. All faiths are welcome, and all M’s/2.0’s/friends are welcome as well. Please remember to be respectful of all faith traditions when visiting the different churches that we be attending. After each service we will be going to some form of 2rd F meal, coffee, etc. If you are participating in the Double Down Challenge, this will count toward both 2rd and 3nd F events if you go to both.**


Signing off,

Child Please!


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