1/3 County Backblast. Birthdays and Bacon with Alexa

bday bacon

“Alexa, Recap the workout from this morning”

Ok! Here’s what went down:

PAX: Cochran, Gilligan, Wildflower, Valdez, Exxon (2.0), Bongo, Uncle Rico, Abacus, Airplane, Forced Close, Bulletin, Jolly Rancher, Launchpad, Ashley, Big Bird, Giselle (FNG), LePew, Momma’s Boy, Aerobie, Fungi, Alexa (QIC)

Conditions: High 30’s. Dry. Dark.

Gear: BeerRuck Shirt. Ranger Panties. American Flag Headband. Asics Shoes.

Welcome. Introduction. Disclaimer

Slaughter Start (10 BOYO’s)

Mosey ½ way around campus.

Star Jumps (x36). Imperial Kickers (x18). Annies (:30 sec each side). Grass Grabbers (x18). Downward Dog. Calf Stretch. Scorpion.

Mosey back to the flag. Circle up.


WEINKE EXPLAINED– Alexa’s F3 take on Triathlon, but with mostly new exercises. Swim = Upper Body. Bike = Lower Body. Run = Cardio

SWIM/Upper Body.

All exercises are AMREP for :60 sec with a :30 sec recovery

1-Superman Merkins (like a T-Merkin ‘cept when on the ground, arms go out in front…flying like Superman)

2-Blades of Steel (Merkin’ish…back and arms stay straight…only movement is in shoulders…slowly move from rounded shoulders in UP position to shoulder blades touching in DOWN position.

3-Jiminy Cricket (Merkin with an accelerated UP…so much that your arms and legs come off the gound…hopping like a cricket)

4-Planked Shoulder/Leg Raises (plank position, raise right arm and left leg, hold for a few seconds, switch sides and repeat)


6-Progressive Merkin Burpees (each time you hit the ground for a Merkin, you add an additional Merkin before jumping up)


BIKE/Lower Body

All exercises are AMREP for :60 sec with a :30 sec recovery

1-Ballerino Squats (regular squats but up on your tippy toes)

2-Lunge Jumps

3-Gorilla Humpers (like Monkey Humpers, but with legs much farther apart)

4- 3-Way Calf Raises (one regular, one with heels out, one with heels in. Repeat)

5-Bear Jumps (plank then bend knees to curl up a little, jump to the right, back to the middle, to the left, back to the middle. Repeat)

6-Lt. Dans (start with 1 squat and 1 lunge per leg. Add a squat and a lunge every time you repeat)



Modified No Mercy Mile (run around parking lot loop, when getting to one end, bear crawl around the turn, then back to a run. Repeat).



Pickle Pounders (x15). Gas Pumps (x15). Reverse Pickle Pounders (x15). Davincis (x10). Peter Parker (x10)

Back to the Flag. Circle Up. Name-O-Rama (1xFNG – Giselle) Announcements (upcoming ruck event and 2018 Wrap-Up Party at Saints). SHOUTOUT to Momma’s Boy and Fungi for bringing birthday bacon.

Get Close. COT. Intentions. Gratitude. Our Father. Done.

“Alexa, STOP!”

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