1/11 Backblast. Pleasantville with Alexa.

“Alexa, Recap the workout from this morning”

Ok! Here’s what went down:

PAX: Valdez, Milton, Fungi, Fridge, Grinder, Snowman, Meter Maid, Alexa (QIC)

Conditions: High 20’s. Dry. Dark.

Welcome. Introduction. Disclaimer.

Slaughter Start (10 BOYO’s)

Mosey to the front of the Elementary School.

COP: SSH. Imperical Kickers. Grass Grabbers. Yoga/Leg Stretches.


Doing a ladder of sorts (thanks Abacus for the idea). Each round will consist of a new workout PLUS all the workouts for previous rounds. In between each round, we’ll run about a quarter of a mile. If you make it to the top of the ladder, climb back down. We’ll do this until we’re out of time.

Round 1 – 10 Merkins

Round 2 – 20 Squats

Round 3 – 30 LBC’s

Round 4 – 10 Carolina Dry Docks

Round 5 – 20 Lunges

Round 6 – :30 sec Jump Rope

Round 7 – 10 Mtn. Climbers

Round 8 – 20 Calf Raises

Round 9 – 30 Overhead Press

Round 10 – 10 Burpees

Mosey back to the flag with an AYG for the last 30 meters or so.

Circle Up. Name-O-Rama. Announcements (upcoming ruck event and 2018 Wrap-Up Party at Saints).

Get Close. COT. Intentions. Our Father. Done.

“Alexa, STOP!”

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