1/19/19 Backblast The Hurt @ The Mutt


Q: Geppetto Pax (11) Plumb Bob, April (R), Methane, Cardinal, Loco, Blueprint, Backdraft, Pepperoni, Wham-O, Sump Pump

Weather conditions: 40* +/-  steady drizzle into heavy rain.  Otherwise perfect.

Attire: Everything wet.  Except my feet.  Highly recommend the Soloman XA Enduro Trail Running shoes for this type of weather.

As I’ve done pretty much every time I’ve had the Q, I woke up two hours before my alarm.  Anxious, nervous, excited.  Changing my weinke countless times in my head.  As I know each of you do, I feel a responsibility to make your getting up at 6:30ish on a Saturday in cold pouring rain worth your while.  Hopefully the 10 badass HIMS that posted at the Mutt with me were not disappointed.

I threw it out in my pre-blast that due to the forecasted rain I may or may not take advantage of the fact the Mutt has a portico.  Of course I took a little heat from rival AOs.  But we make no apologies at the Mutt for the perks we have.  Pretty sure we were well within the core principal of “always outdoors” and I’m also sure the pax in attendance today were peeling off sopping wet duds when they walked in the house.

We gathered at the Mutt flag.  Gave a quick disclaimer to the pax.  We all grabbed a coupon and moseyed over to the portico.


Arm circles (little/big, forward/back)

Abe Vigodas IC x 15

Grass Grabbers IC x 15

Downward Dog/Cobra stretch

SSH IC x 30

LBC IC x 25

1 Lap around the building

Thang 1:

Jack Webbs 1:4 (merkin/ air press) up to 10:40

1 Lap around the building


Thang 2:

Coupon Press/Flutter Kick/Bearcrawl:  Pax lined up side by side down the portico each with a coupon.  Pax at the end of the line bearcrawled to the beginning (approx. 30 yards) while the rest of the pax did AMRAP coupon press. Once at the end the next pax went while the others did AMRAP flutter kicks holding the coupon overhead.  Rinse and repeat until everyone had a chance to bearcrawl.


1 Lap around the building


Coupon Squat/Curl/ Lunge walk:  See above and swap in these excercises.


1 Lap around the building.


Thang 3:

Reverse Jack Webbs 10:40 down to 1:4

1 Lap around the building

Mary:  At this point we had about 15 minutes so all 11 Pax picked their favorite version of Mary and led.  Off the top of my head I recall some Catalina Wine makers, merkin to T-planks, V-ups, big boys, American hammers, Freddie Mercurys, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, LBCs

1 final lap around the building and return the coupons


Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama.  Announcements.  Intentions.  It’s days like this where I really wouldn’t blame anyone if I was the only guy to show up, only to have 10 other HIM out there in nearly freezing rain.  It’s what makes this group really special. I am once again truly thankful for getting a chance to lead this group of men.  Until next time.  Gepetto out!

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