BB 01/19/19… Portico work @ bayside.

At Bayside we are fortunate to have a decent portico in the rear of the school that gives us some options when it rains… like yesterday..

conditions. cold, raining, windy..

Glauc Q

Charlois, Shuttlecock, Johnny 5, Fanny Pack

Jump out of the car right @ 6:00, disclaimer given, and head over to pick up some mini coups (brick pavers).  mosey to portico..

COP:   hillbilly walkers (12 IC), SSH (25 IC), plank stretching , ssh (25 IC), plank stretching

Thang 1: There is a circuit I like to do under the portico.. the big difference with this circuit is we did it as a group.     Start @ 1 end of the portico.. 3  burpees, bernie sanders to benches, 15 dips (single count), lunge walk (about 25 feet) to next benches , 10 Incline merkins (single count), bernie sanders to other end of portico, 5 Mexican jumping bean squats.  We repeated this x 2 more times.

Thang 2: 1 minute intervals.. 1) sumo squat with upright row (with coups) 2) merkin rows (with coups) (30 sec/ side)  .. did two rounds

mosey to end of portico.. 3 burpees,  mosey to other end of portico 3 burpees

Thang 3: 1 minute intervals 1) regular squat with side raise (with coups) 2) Fly with a leg raise (with coups)  Lay on your back, grab mini coups, start position is both legs up (like in big marge) and pavers touching (your arms are in front of your chest)..  Then in one sequence lower your legs while doing a “chest fly” with the pavers.. go all the way down to the ground.. then go back to original position.   2 rounds of these bad boys.

Mosey to end of portico: 10 Merkins (In cadence on my count) a few times we did a 3 -5 second hold..  mosey to other end.. 10 merkins (same as above)

Thang 4:  1 minute intervals:  1) SSH  2) elbow plank hold  (2 rounds)

mosey to end of portico:  10 T merkins (IC), mosey to other end of portico 10 (T Merkins)

Ab O Rama : All 20 single count and all forms of an LBC>  1) legs on the ground 2) legs Up (the regular lbc) 3) right leg out 4) left leg out  5) big marge position 6) full lbc 7) legs to the right 8) legs to the left  9) freddy mercury …  did a final burnout with 50 full lbc.

COT: announcements on the f3 banquet next friday night, prayers to all f3 pax going through illness/ sickness/ or sickness of loved ones. prayer…

Glauc OUT!

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