Back Blast – Black Ops at the “O” 1/28/19.

Sitting at coffeteria Saturday AM, I asked Plumb Bob if we had a Q scheduled to run a Black Ops Monday morning at the O.   He checked and the calendar was blank – Opportunity!!  I volunteered to Q and got an HC on the spot.   At least there would be 2 of us.  I threw it out on Mumblechatter and the chatter started.  I posted the Pre-blast and was pleasantly surprised to see a group waiting on the flag to arrive.  11 HIM’s were there to get better with a cardio/leg heavy workout.  Fergie, PED, Plumb Bob (T-claps for posting after the Sunday 5AM Ruck), Trump, Violet, Buschhhhh, Back Draft, Blue Print, Tron, Pope (sleeveless and shorts of course), Peroni and Vincent – Q.

Gearlander – Acics running pants, Hind long sleeve dry fit shirt, Illuminite vest, Mizuno running shoes, gloves and a headband to keep the ears warm.

Disclaimer was given and off to COP.  Straight to the tennis courts for SSH’s IC, Copperhead squats IC, and some light stretching.

First thing – we lined up backs against the fence for wall sits while HIM one sprinted across all four tennis courts and back.  I quickly called the audible and started a sprinter on the opposite end so we could work towards the middle.   That was the final leg warmup to start the cycle.

We left  the courts and headed the long way around the loop with multiple stops along the way.  20 Squat Jacks, 20 Merkins, 20 lunges, 10 burpees and 20 squats at each stop.  We made it all the way around the loop completing a 5th circuit back at the tennis courts  where we started.  100 Squat jacks, 100 Merkins, 100 lunges, 50 Burpees,  100 Squats and a mile run.

When the circuits were completed we circled up for some Core, Mary and stretching.   Plank, Elbow plank, Right side, Left side and some leg raises.  Mary consisted of pretzel crunches to each side IC, flutter kicks IC and Heel touch crunches IC wrapped up the morning.

Ran through announcements and intentions and finished with a prayer.   We have had black ops sessions each Monday since back in December and the numbers have been solid.  All we need to make this a permanent day is a Site Q and the blessing of our new NANTAN.  If anyone wants it, it’s there for the taking.   Until next time SYITG.  Vincent



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