1/27/19 BO 12-Mile Ruck Back Blast

PAX: Meter Maid, Vacuum, and Plumb Bob

WEATHER: Upper 30s, Clear, Breezy, especially along the river

LOCATION: Meet up at the base of the Big Four Bridge, traveled both sides of the river

DISTANCE: 12 Miles

TIME: 3:28

Huggies sent out a message recently about an on your own GoRuck 12-mile timed event.  That’s perfect Star Course training and a chance for one of those illustrious GoRuck patches.

Three HIMs braved the cold and woke up a bit early for a 5:00AM start.  As usual good conversation was had.  Topics included our Ms, jobs, Star Course planning, general F3 discussions, video games, vacations (including some of us admitting our love for Disney World), and we may or may not have talked about our hopes and dreams and what it means to find true happiness.  Regardless, I got to spend a few hours with some guys from other AOs and got to know them a little better.  My GPS told me we reached 12.0 miles as we were walking up the Indiana ramp of the bridge.  Our actual ruck was probably closer to 13 miles but for the patch it had to be 12.0 miles, no more, no less.

We ended with a quick COT to make it F3 official and departed to go try and get warm.



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