Honored The Fallen – 2.6.19

Yesterday I sent a note out on Slack to a couple dudes to see if they wanted to ruck prior to the workout at The Bridge, and within a few minutes, a fellow PAX reminded me that I was Qing at Vets. Feeling a little shameful, I quickly responded and shifted the early morning ruck option to the Vets. Since it had been a while since my last Q, (sometime in December I believe) I wanted to dust off the cobwebs with something I knew would suits the PAX well. Also, with limited time I reached into my bag of tricks and pulled out a workout that I knew was sure to please.

In addition to finding a workout that would work well at the Vets location, I wanted to take some time to stop and remember those who have gone before us and provided us with the safety and security we feel every day. Veterans Memorial Park in Jeffersontown was built to honor the service men and women who fight to keep our country safe and free from outside destruction. So today I wanted to spend some time reflecting on this.

At 0400 this morning I got up to get out and ruck a few miles as part of the Go Ruck Monthly Ruck Challenge. I was not sure if anyone else would join me but decided to do it anyway. As I was driving to Vets I get a text from Flounder letting me know what he would be there to meet me to ruck. I was glad to know that I would not have to do it alone, especially in the rain. At 0435, nobody else was in sight so we headed off. Maybe Huggies and Retainer will man up next time and come out!

Flounder and I did a couple of loops around the park. It was wet and slick so the pace was nothing crazy, just trying to log miles and enjoy some 2nd F. Flounder mentioned that he was recovering from the Flu he came down with on Sunday. After hearing this, I was glad I didn’t have to wrestle him on Saturday at his H2HC workout, hopefully, Jitterbug is feeling alright. During the ruck, we found a downed wire and notified the police. Just two HIMS doing their civic duty and trying to keep the citizens of J-Town safe. After our second lap, we saw some lights and sirens come around the bend to address the situation.

After about 40 minutes we headed back to the main spot to put our rucks away and get ready for the workout. At about 0520, we saw some familiar faces rolling in. I gathered my phone and speaker and started to get the guys together.

At 0529.5, we see a truck almost ram into the tank and pop the curb as Weedwacker was running late (due to taking a dump we found out later) and trying to make it before we started COP.

QIC: McAfee

PAX: Aerobie, Rhythm, Meatball, Drysdale, Vacuum, Tony Malito, Flo Jo, Flounder, Worm, Scuba Steve, Weedwacker

After a quick disclaimer, we started off the workout with 30 seconds of silence to remember our fallen brothers and sisters. After this time, we were ready to get after it.



10 Imperial Squat Walkers IC

20 Mountain Climbers IC

Calf Stretches

Kendra Newmans


This is a workout I have done before at the Carpenter (RIP, or until it is resurrected in the spring) and it was a doozy. This is a HERO WOD named after Zachary Tellier, a paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne who lost his life at the age of 31. This workout is in honor of him. Here it is:

5 Rounds for Time: (We tried to stay in a group as much as possible) Run a lap around the monument between each round.

Round 1: 10 Burpees

Round 2: 10 Burpees and 25 Merkins

Round 3: 10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, and 50 Lunges

Round 4: 10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 50 Lunges, and 100 Big Boy Sit-ups

Round 5: 10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 50 Lunges, 100 Big Boy Sit-ups, and 150 Squats

After round 4, the PAX were asking for burpees as a modification for Big Boy sit-ups. This was a first. I love this workout because it hits everything all at once. Work was mentioning how he could feel his abs. Not necessarily see them, but at least he knew they were there.

We finished up with some stretching just to loosen everything back up. I said a little something about Zachary Tellier and his story and offered up the opportunity to try to remember the service men and women that we all know and thank them today.

I took us out with a prayer to the Sky Q after some announcements and intentions.

I am always impressed with this group and I am thankful for each and every one of you and looking forward to what 2019 holds for F3 Louisville. It’s gonna be EPIC!

-McAfee Out


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