Backblast 3/2/19 – Sump Pump at The Hurt

12 HIMs showed up this morning to perfect weather. It was dry and cool(d) 35 degrees. We even got to workout in the daylight.

Glenn Ross reached out to me early in the week asking if I wanted to do an AO v AO, U v U type deal similar to what Mad Cow did back in early to mid 2018. I was all in and would find out that Alexa and Bob Ross had agreed to bring the same pain with their Weinkes.

PAX – Pepperoni, Digorno, Messy, Wham-O!, Backdraft, Left Eye, Tiger, Windshield, April, Geppetto, Sherpa, Sump Pump (Q)

After a standard warm up with a little extra stretching, we moseyed an Indian Run and took a path new to most all of the PAX. CherryWood to Massie to Ridegeway to Richlawn. Up to Clover and back over to Elmwood. Just under 1.4 miles

We got back and grabbed coupons from the garden. It was time to bring the heat. Here’s the deal. 2 minutes of AYG and then rest only so the Q can capture the numbers while his arms shake uncontrollably.

BigBoys – Digorno 70
Merkins – LeftEye 102
Squats – LeftEye 150
Lunges – Geppetto – 82
Curls – Wham-O! 101
LBCs – Pepperoni 175
Overheard Presses – Wham-O! 115
Bench Press – LeftEye 180
Burpees – Wham-O! 36

The PAX was tanked and Messy was asking for mercy. So I decided it would be a good time to visit the “Hill”. Nothing special here. Just a quick sprint up and down 3 times and then a quick mosey over to the prayer garden to finish strong with SSH Merkins. All PAX in a circle doing SSH until the first HIM called merkin. Everyone down for a merkin and back up to SSH until the next HIM called Merkin.

Time was called and we circled up for announcements and COT.

April mentioned a BO at the H4 fairgrounds next Saturday. (check slack)

Intentions were given aloud and silently. (Back Draft and Sump Pump asking aloud.)

I then asked for the Sky Q to watch over us as we work to be the best version of ourselves. We had a great group this morning. I am humbled to be able to lead you guys. Next Sump Pump Q is 3/7 for my 1 year F3versary.

Sump Pump

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