Back Blast – Pre-Nest BO Ruck – 03/02/2019

PAX:  Jolly Rancher, Alexa, and Le Pew.

We gathered at 5:45am at The County for a little 2nd F and to loosen up the legs before the Alexa beat down at the Nest at 7:00am.  We covered about 3.3 miles in a little under an hour.  Lots of mumble chatter took place, including confessions about our least favorite exercise.  I made the mistake of mentioning mine, which was burpees.  Alexa must be a really good listener, because he proceeded to start The Nest workout at 7:00am with 10 burpees.  Jerk.

About half-way through the mileage, Le Pew smelled a little something too familiar to him – which was a skunk.  For those that don’t know, he’s been sprayed twice by a skunk…almost unheard of.  Fortunately, Alexa and I were able to save him from making it a third time.  We also learned that Le Pew needs to launder his F3 gear more often…not because of the skunk smell, but because of the Le Pew smell after a few months of sweat.

Always a pleasure to enjoy the mumble chatter and watch the sunrise with these HIMs.

Jolly Rancher.

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