3.12.19 BackBlast-Bag of Wrenches at The O

When the DD Challenge rolled out, I wanted to make sure I met that challenge. Then it would turn into trying to hit every AO at least once. From there, I found myself getting out at least 5 days/week and it became not just about the challenge but more about being JOMO if I skipped a day. Finally, I challenged myself to try and Q at every AO at least once. The O was one of the places I have not yet Q’d since joining F3. There were a few reasons but the most noteworthy one was that I was a bit intimidated. That’s where it all started. There are some true beasts out there. And I wasn’t sure if I could put together a wienke worthy of that caliber of men. But in order to evolve and improve we have to run towards that in which we are uncertain or afraid, right?

I reached out to Wham! about a month back and had him put me on the calendar. Plenty of time to prepare. Plenty of time to be nervous. Plenty of time to channel that nervous energy into excitement! When 0500 rolled around on the chilly, yet comfortable, clear March 12th morning, I had my “O” Face on and was ready to rock!

However, 0500 turned into 0510. Then because of the train, Ford plant and a traffic light that sucks a bag of wrenches, it’s now 0515 and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be late for my own Q. Mama’s Boy was the driver and I could just blame it on him. Thankfully, he has a lead foot and is masterful behind the wheel. We pulled into the park right at 0530 and I would get a short text from Viking that said, “Bird, Fart sacked?” As we got closer to the flags, I shouted out a bad word. It was packed with HIM and every one was circled up waiting for YHC. I could only assume someone had stepped up getting ready to lead the workout in my absence. As I get out of the car I got some much deserved grief from the PAX and OJ was the first one to come up to me to let me know the disclaimer had already been given. Even though it wasn’t his fault, Mama’s Boy, being the true HIM that he is, took all of the blame. I confirmed that the disclaimer had in fact already been given and with that…It was time to work! Took off on a Mosey.

PAX: Vincent(R), Tammy Faye Baker, Violet, Penny, Mama’s Boy, Alexa, Nickelback, Worm, Kilo, OJ, Glen Ross, Flo Jo, Captain Insane-O, Tron, Diablo, PK, Wham!, Viking, Trojan(DR-Houston), Gilligan, Kimble, BigBird(Q)-YHC was truly in the presence of F3Louisville royalty!

We would end up at the tennis courts where the entire beatdown would unfold.

COP: High knees 25 IC, Batwings 10 IC each direction, 25 hackey sacks IC, 5 inchworms oyo into pigeon stretch loosening the hip flexors, 20 mountain climbers, hold reverse plank for 20 count, Hilbilly squats 10 IC, hold Al Gore for a 10 count.

Tabata 1: square squats

Tabata 2: The Burpee

The Thang: Dora-P1 bear crawl across two tennis courts and mosey back. P2 100 catcher squats, 200 merkins, 300 LBC’s. Halfway through QIC was feeling smoked-modified to a mosey all the way down and back. Impressed to see some PAX competing and doing “all outs” against each other.

Time for one Mary exercise: Rope climbers

Moseyed to the flags and circled up for COT, COR and NOR. Announcements: Kilo reminded us of the March ruck mock Starcourse event starting at 9pm Saturday at the Big Four bridge-7am Sunday. Angels in disguise still accepting donations. Said a few intentions. Thanked the PAX for making it out. Couldn’t imagine going through it with a better group of men!

Until next time…


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