3/14 Backblast the O #templeofgloom

Knowing the forecast was going to be dicey, I was planning on shooting this Q off the cuff depending on what we were dealing with.  3 HIMs showed up to support a brother in the rain.

Q – OJ

PAX: Violet, PK, Viking

mosey to the tennis courts

15 Abe Vigotas IC

15 Grass Grabbers IC



10 SSHs IC


15 SSHs IC


20 SSHs IC


25 SSHs IC

10 BOYOs

10 Goofballs IC

**Native American run down Circle Hill Rd looping back around Homestead Blvd ending at Christian Academy (This was ran prisoner style with a snake formation)


P1 – Wall sit

P2 – 30 Step Ups/switch up

P1 – Wall sit + air presses

P2 – 30 Rockette Dips/switch up

P1 – Wall sit + arms extended above head and hold

P2 – Two down and back laps of the parking lot

Mosey back to the tennis courts

**The Vacuum Cleaner

P1 Wheelbarrow to the end of court 1, 5 Derkins, Wheelbarrows backwards to the baseline/switch up (This was repeated 3 times – woof!)

Each PAX then Partner carried the other for the entire 4 courts (Thanks for partnering with me Viking!) – Switch up and Partner carry back to the baseline

PAX then did 25 Leg Throwdowns and 25 Ace & Garys/switch up and repeat

PAX then lined up and Bear Crawled C1, Crab Walked C2, Lunge Walked C3, Broad Jumped C4


20 Boxcutters IC

20 Gas Pumps IC

20 American Hammers IC

20 Pickle Pounders IC

20 Divinci’s IC

20 Dying Cockroaches IC


Not sure how many will read this but it was great to have the support today of the 3 other men.  I’m as guilty as anyone for fartsacking when the weather is bad.  Felt bad for Zima a couple of weeks ago when nobody showed.  It’s important to be there for each other, especially when the weather is bad.  Think about that the next time you’re wavering on coming or sleeping in.  Know that there’s a Q out there that could use your support.

Intentions were given and I closed us out in prayer.



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