Back-Blast – The Rooster @ The Mutt – 3/12/19

I wasn’t sure what to expect for my VQ at The Mutt but I was excited to get out there and get after it. In all, we had 25 PAX show up which was more than I expected so that was great! The weather was also great and it looks like the numbers are starting to come back to pre-Winter levels slowly but surely.

PAX in attendance:

Left Eye






Sump Pump

Larry Flint





Noxeema Jackson

Tasty Freeze




Pork Chop








Here is what we did:


2 laps around the campus – grab a coupon and circle up

25 x SSH

25 x Mountain Climbers

25 x Plank Jacks

20 Boyos

25 x Merkins – single count cadence

Run 1 lap around the campus

Coupon Work:

Single Count Cadence: 25 x Overhead Press, 25 x Curls, 25 x Coupon Swings, 20 MMOYOS(ManMakers OYO).

Coupon Stackers:

PAX broke into groups of 3 and lined up near the school facing out in to the parking lot. PAX 1 completes hard run down to the cones(about 60 yards away) with a coupon, does 5 burpees and sprints back to the group. PAX 1 then takes the 2nd coupon and repeats the process above but stacking the coupon on top of the 1st one. PAX 1 then retrieves the final coupon and repeats the sequence above. While PAX 1 completed these steps, PAX 2 and PAX 3 were AMRAP’ing 10 BigBoi’s and 15 Merkins. Once PAX 1 returned after stacking the final/3rd coupon, all 3 PAX bearcrawled down to the stack of coupons and PAX 2 started the process in the reverse direction while PAX 1 and PAX 3 started the AMRAP’s. Once PAX 2 and PAX 3 had completed the process we returned the coupons using an overhead carry.

By this time, the PAX were smoked and we returned to the flag. We had one minute left and planked for that minute.

We circled up for announcements and intentions. Mock Star course Saturday, Abacus CSAUP event on 3/23 at North Posh, Buschhh St. Patrick’s Day Q at The Mutt on 3/16.

I’m always honored to Q and be part of this group. I hope everyone enjoyed the workout as much as I did. Until we meet again Mutt.


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