3/22 #TheChopper backblast #KiloQ


This is way late and for that I apologize.  Turns out if i dont backblast immediately after the workout, i put it off for a while.  Note to self.  GET BETTER.   Last Friday at the Chopper the pax got better.


Snowday, PorkCHop, Fergie, Malito, Mcafee, SLider, Iceman, Jitterbug, PK, Huggies, Carlose, Dynomite, DeepDish, Maxi, BigBird, Kilo

Pax circled up for typical COP

SSH Grass Grabbers Abe blablabblas etc.



11’s around the monument circle.

T merkins and flutter kicks


circle up around the US seal for a burpee waterfall

10 burpees. 10 second count

9 burpees 10 second count

down to 1 burpee


Woof that was it for my portion then handed the reigns to BigBird for 10 minutes of Mary.



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