Passing of the bottle…er torch

It has been a long journey, but as in all things, you can’t argue with time. Although, YHC has been able to hang at HDHH, the recovery time is taking a toll. 2rd F Q is a young man’s game and I am far from young. So it is with this realization that I stepping down as 2rd F Q, and giving the reigns to a very worthy HIM, Airplane.It is suiting that I met Airplane at an HDHH in the early stages at Mellow Mushroom. He has a keen ability to bring you in to the conversation and make you feel very welcome. One of the founders of the Oldham Co movement and a strong supporter of Wisteria, he will be able to extend the reaches of the 2rd F.So, as of today, Airplane is now your 2rd F Q. And as is written in the F3 handbook, I, never again, will have to pay for a drink.

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