BB- 3/25 – Return of Double Down/ Embrace your 111

This past Monday, I had the privilege of Qing The Incubator at South Posh. I had lined up a number of Qs at the local AOs back in January when the Double Down Challenge was proposed and this was the final one. Much to my surprise, I was informed the Saturday before that Double Down would be making his return Monday at my Q. I was stunned. Literally in disbelief. If you had told me back in January that this guy would return to the Gloom before April, I would have said you were crazy. 111 days after having a tumor the size of a grapefruit removed from his chest and he’s physically ready (and willing) to get back at it? If that doesn’t make you a believer that anything is possible, I don’t know what will. More on that in a bit.

PAX: Nino, Nice and Slow, Little Jerry (R), Iceman (R), Slider, Dynomite, Captain Insane-O, Viking, Pope, Dry Rub, Carlton, Pew Pew, Dunphy, Milton, Catfish, Huggies, Big Bird, Fungi, Mr. Kotter, Ladybird (R), Aerobie (R), Retainer, DOUBLE DOWN (R), Abacus, Meter Maid, Kimble, Jitterbug (R), Jolly Rancher, Grinder (Q)

A quick recap of the workout: Quick mosey, COP, Partner DORA with Bear Crawls, Burpees and Merkins, North Posh crew crashes the party (T-Claps, all absolute studs), Partner exercise circuit, 1 minute AMRAP Burpees, COT.

I don’t condense that to marginalize the hard work we did Monday, but our physical work that day takes the back burner in this BB to the bigger topics at hand:

  1. WE, AS BROTHERS, ARE PARTNERS IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE- I purposely made sure that nearly everything the PAX did Monday would depend on a partner for success. I remember DD stating again and again throughout his ordeal how he made it through in big part due to all of us being there for him. I challenged all the PAX there that morning and I challenge anyone reading this now to embrace what we have in this special group of HIMs and never feel alone, no matter where you are or what you are going through. I think this is particularly pertinent during this week of mental health focus because a big factor in worsening depression and anxiety is shutting oneself off from others and thinking you can go at it alone. That’s not the way life works. You can’t do it alone. I wish I could say I didn’t know that from experience, but I do. No matter the pain, no matter the circumstances, it is always easier to bear the burdens of life with someone else in your corner. They won’t be able to solve all your problems or do all the work for you, but they can be there to listen, there to encourage and there to tell you things will be ok. Never underestimate how important that is. It makes a difference. Be open to accepting to that love when you need it. Believe what they tell you. There’s a 99.99% chance it’s way more reality than whatever crap’s flying through your brain. On the same note, be open to giving that love. Watch out for your brothers. Be aware when they are ‘not right’ and never shy away from asking them what’s wrong and offering to help.
  2. EMBRACE YOUR 111 – This one really got my wheels turning. I look at what Pope accomplished coming back from heart surgery and I look at what DD accomplished, coming back from his, and I can only think that I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I am capable of doing. I’d assume a lot of you feel the same way. If you don’t, good for you, but I think the rest of us are all standing back thinking, “WOW! If THAT is possible, then what else is possible?” So heres the final challenge of this BB. Pick that thing that’s been on your mind and GO DO IT. You have 111 days. Pick something lofty, something hard, something near impossible that has been bothering you or bugging you and do it. Tell one of your brothers what it is to hold yourself accountable. Maybe it’s a physical boundary you’ve been wanting to surpass. Maybe it’s a dietary change or a lifestyle change. Maybe it’s an addiction. Maybe it’s a goal at work or with your own business. It could be anything, but the point is, whatever it is, you can do it if you believe you can do it. I believe you can do it. So do your other brothers. So write it down, make a plan, stick to it and see how you can improve your life. 111 days. Embrace it and see where it takes you.  Peace and love to you all. Grinder out!

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