BO St. Pats 3/28/19 Back Blast

Weather 40 degrees. Clear.

7 PAX – Huggies (Q), Catfish, Milton, Iceman (R), Lady Bird (R), Uncle Rico, Luther


Mosey over to the main road at the base of the hill for COP

SSH (IC) X 25

Grass grabbers (IC) X 20

Imperial Walkers (IC) X 20

Calf and hip stretches

Invisible Jump Rope (IC) X 20

Mosey to the grass hill

The Thang

Hill burpees – 10 burpees run down the hill.  9 burpees run up the hill etc.  Total of 55 burpees and 5 reps up hill and 5 reps down hill

Mosey to base of hill of main entryway

One PAX calls out an exercise and runs up the hill to the top speed bump and back down while the other PAX do the exercise AMRAP.

Catfish – HR Merkins. Lady Bird – Plank. Huggies – Copper Head Squats. Milton-V ups. Iceman – Bonnie Blairs. Uncle Rico – American Hammers. Luther -Flutter Kicks.J

We next did the Jack Webb

All you got to the top speed bump.

Lunge walk to the first Island in the parking lot

Bear Crawl to the second island

Partner up and wheel barrow to the next island.  Switch partners and go to the last island.

Dips IC while waiting for the 6

Partner 1 does a run variation to the next island and back (About 50 yards) while partner 2 does an AMRAP exercise.

Run Variations – Mario, Bernie Sanders, Karaoke, All you got

Exercises – T merkins, Copper Head Squats,  Freddy Mercuries, LBCs

Native American Run back to the starting location


Announcements- Travis Manion Pre Ruck.  April 12th Star Course.  Angels in Disguise

Intentions – Prayers for all the spring breakers, Friends, Family and Loved Ones with Cancer. Prayers for those with depression an those struggling with addiction.

Finish with an Our Father

Can’t wait until next time and to continue growing this AO

Huggies Out

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