After a full year of posts and 15 total Q’s under my belt, I figure I got this thang figured out. I can put a workout together with relative ease and I usually don’t have to pull my wienke out anymore. I like to incorporate a bit of BigBird avianallity into my workouts, try to be creative and have some fun mixed in with hard work. This particular workout, however, would challenge me more than the norm. You see, I found out about two weeks ago that all of the efforts that Aerobie and Miyagi had made over the course of the last 5 weeks relating to Mental Health Awareness would culminate on an F3Nation day of workouts dedicated to the cause. The goal for the Q: Think about what you can put together so the PAX that come out on the 27th will experience something a little bit different than any other day ITG. Create additional awareness. Maybe even step further outside of your comfort zone. Spearhead your workouts around working hard for those that feel like they cannot. At least when I spoke to Aerobie, and he enlightened me on the day, that’s what I took from it. So for me it was thinking about how we could work hard together. How we could help each other out. How we could get to know each other on a deeper level. And finally, maybe just a little education on the struggles that many face. Maybe we can put some thought into the changes we have made in ourselves. How we could be those leaders in the communities in which we serve and find those men out there that could benefit from what we have found.

The PAX: Iceman(R), Methane, Bob Ross, Jitterbug (R), Nice n Slow, Jolly Rancher, Mr. Kotter, Huggies, Lady Bird(R), Gypsy, Storm Trooper, Double Down(R), Pew Pew, Little Jerry(R), Lil’Smoky, BigBird(Q)

The Workout: 100% partner/fellowship work.

Disclaimer given: COP: All partner stretches. Mosey around the lot to the Egg Lawn.

Stop at Egg Lawn and encouraged the PAX, while we did a mosey around, to share a story about someone they know that is struggling with mental health. We would stick tight together, leaving no man behind.

Stop at the small parking lot for…

The Thang: Partner work: Wheel Barrow 40 yards and then 10 Booya’s-switch-40 yards back and 10 booya’s.

Switch partners: Partner Carry 40 yards then forearm squats hold for 20 seconds each side. Switch and do the same thing at the start

Switch partners: Wheel Barrow 40 yards P1 holds plank, P2 16 jump squats over P1. Switch- 40 yards back and swap the work.

Switch partners: Partner carry 40 yards P1 in plank position, P2 hold squat while holding P1’s legs. P1 Merkins to failure. Switch- 40 yards back and swap the work.

Recovered and moseyed to the far end of the lot. We would do The Elephant walk (courtesy of Pork Chop, courtesy of Houston DR Trojan) the length of the lot.

Mary: Partner up: Leg toss 20 reps each. Switch partners: leg lock sit-ups 20 SC. London Bridge. Reverse Ace-n-Gary’s

The education: throughout the WO, would throw out some factoids. A few I’ll share:

Over 44 million Americans suffer with a mental health condition.

3 times as many men die as a result of suicide than women. Due in part because men are less likely to ask for help or talk about suicidal feelings.

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US and 2nd among people aged 10-34.

An estimated 18-22 Veterans die every day by their own hand.

Men…We have some work to do!

We would mention some announcements and shared intentions for David, Cynthia and to Iceman who has lost his job and is on the hunt.

We would close with a prayer for those whose despair is too great, loneliness unbearable and inability to share thoughts and feelings overwhelming. May they meet each day with new courage, friendships to bring moments of joy and a hope for the future.

Blessed for this group and the men I shared this day with that I can call my friends.

Until next time


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