We all got better on Tuesday at The County – including the Ghost Flag, which has began to take permanent residence alongside the PAX in the OC.

A few weeks ago when the Ghost Flag returned from its vacation at another AO, it was clear that something was amiss with our beloved friend.  But, over the past few weeks the Ghost Flag has flourished and never been happier – with wind hitting it at the perfect angle so it can show its true colors and be that beacon of light for the PAX, its chain all shiny and clean – wrapped tightly around its perfectly straight shovel handle, its cutting edge perfectly sharpened to pierce the dirt [or, more likely clay] with ease for the PAX who plants it, and holding hands with the American flag as the wind circles the two together.  Before our eyes it was like seeing an FNG post 3x or 4x a week and becoming a true HIM in the gloom – yet, its an inanimate object without feelings or emotions…or is it?

Time was called to get busy and get better together.  Announcements were made and we were off.


Big Bird
Uncle Rico
Ladybird (R)
Cold Call
Jerry Maguire (R)
Bulletin (R)
Mama’s Boy
Le Pew
Jolly Rancher – Q

As noted above, the Ghost Flag was also present and accounted for – which may be a new record for how long one AO has held onto the Ghost Flag [or, maybe I just haven’t been posting long enough?].  Would love to see some of the other PAX get a clown car and come out to steal it back – this motivates us County Boys to do the same and get out to other AOs, too.  So, come and get it at The Nest tomorrow!

Weather Report:

A little chillier than normal, but it didn’t take long for the layers to start peeling off as we got busy.


Quick mosey around the school to the front parking lot on Mt. Mercy for some:

Side Straddle Hops
Grass Grabbers
Downward Dog, Leg Stretches and Cobra
Imperial Squat Walkers [really been digging these lately…works the arms, legs and back!]

Then, we set off on a mosey to the back to the coupon cache for the first thang.

Thang 1:

Goal was to find a partner [luckily we had even numbers] and complete a little Catch Me If You Can.  Partner 1 farmer carried two coupons in a lap around the back parking lot while Partner 2 completed an exercise of 10x reps and then ran to Partner 1 for a switch.  We did three laps around the parking lot with the exercises being:

Lap 1 – Squats – 10x
Lap 2 – Merkins – 10x
Lap 3 – Jump Lunges – 10x

This was a little more challenging than expected on the arms with those farmer carries. Felt great though!

Thang 2:

For this one, I instructed one partner from each group to go to one end of the parking lot while the other went to the opposite end – coupons in hand.  We then completed Elevens – 1x rep for one workout and then mosey to the other end and 10x reps of a second workout and mosey back for 2x reps of the first workout and mosey back for 9x reps of the second work – and so on and so forth so that each “round” is 11x reps.  Exercises were:

Overhead Presses

We then returned the coupons.

Thang 3:

I felt bad on this – I really did.  But, on the mosey back with the six I knew we had extra time so I planned to do Lt. Dan’s.  Meanwhile, I see the PAX in the normal meeting spot being led by Iceman on some flutter kicks.  Sorry; not sorry.  So, we proceeded to work those legs a little more.  Goal on these Lt. Dan’s was to do 1 squat and 4 jump lunges in cadence [yes, you heard that right – so the first round would be effectively 16 jump lunges in single count].  The PAX thought I was nuts.  We made it to 6:24 before we had to call it for time.  I think the PAX may have been right – as deep down I was glad time was called, too!


We gathered around the flag for some count-a-rama, name-a-rama, announcements and intentions.  Felt great to get busy with the PAX to prepare myself to conquer the day.

Jolly Rancher.


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