04.02.2019. BB. Miyagi Q @ The Mutt. The Rooster. Burpees, and Bear Crawls, and More…Oh My.

love burpees

When: 0530


Where: The Mutt


Number of PAX: 7


PAX: Cornbread, Zima, Snow Man, Plumb Bob, Tourine, Draper, Miyagi (Q)


The day started out with a Pre Ruck at 0430 (PAX: Snow Man, Miyagi…..Plum Bob? Wait…where is Plumb Bob? He Organized this…oh well. Let’s roll. It was short, but it was great conversation.


Oh look at that…it’s 0530. Show time.


Disclaimer was given: I am not a professional. Everything I say is a suggestion. Modify as needed.


Time to stretch. Good? Good. Let’s roll! We did an extended mosey (merged with a modified burpee mile). Down Leland, across St. Matthew’s Ave, up Elmwood, and back to The Mutt. All of this of course while interrupted with a grand total of 21 burpees.



  • 5xBOYOS
  • 25xSSH
  • 5xBOYOS
  • 15xGrass Grabbers
  • 5xBOYOS
  • 15xAbe Vagodas
  • 5xBOYOS


Thang 1:

  • Time to do some suicides (start baseline, half court, start baseline, half court, end baseline, half court, and back to start baseline), with exercises at each line.
    • Round 1: Bear Crawl and BOYOS
    • Round 2: Run
    • Round 3: Lunge walk and Jump Squats
    • Round 4: Run
    • Round 5: Crab Walk and Merkins
    • Round 6: Run


Thang 2:

  • Merkin Time Bomb
    • Start at 10 and work down


Thang 3:

  • Ring of Fire Mary
    • Minimum Count of 10
    • Max Count of 15
  • Minute long plank



  • Count Off
  • Name O Rama
  • Announcements
  • Intentions
  • Prayer to the Sky Q

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